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The Diocese of Lafayette now has an Ambulance Confessional in honor of the "Year of Mercy” of Pope Francis. This ambulance was donated to the diocese and will be used as a mobile confessional. Bishop Michael Jarrell hopes this will help more Catholics to confess their sins. “I think many people miss opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation because of busy schedules so here we’re trying to remove that obstacle,” said the Bishop. Bishop Jarrel blessed the mobile confessional. The Bishop said, “The Holy Father asked us to concentrate on the sacrament of reconciliation and that’s the purpose of this spiritual care unit to bring people into deeper communion with Christ.” Father Michael Champagne explained, “This way we can have it set up and make it present where people are at gatherings like Downtown Alive perhaps, or tailgating, early tailgating.” The converted ambulance will have a supply of holy cards, rosaries, and holy water. One student described it as confessional on wheels saying, “To have this so available, it gives us no excuse not to go to confession.” It will be in use starting December 8, 2015, for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.