Saturday, March 19, 2016

#BreakingNews 62 Killed on Plane in Russia - Please Pray....

An airliner has crashed in Russia - the Dubai Flydubai plane crashed. 62 have died in the airliner crash. All aboard have died ​on second attempt at landing airliner. Bad weather kept the plane from landing properly thus it  circled a southern Russian airport for more than two hours. There were high ground-level winds and poor visibility. This passenger jet from the United Arab Emirates crashed during a landing attempt. The Flydubai Boeing 737 took off from Dubai it was scheduled to land at the Rostov-on-Don airport Saturday.  44 of the passengers were Russians, along with eight Ukrainians, two Indians and one Uzbekistani. . Families of passengers killed will be given 1 million rubles (equivalent to $15,000) from the government, 

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