Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wow New Divine Mercy Movie with Jim Gaffigan, Harry Connick Jr. and Bishop Robert Barron

 “The Original Image of Divine Mercy: Untold Story of an Unknown Masterpiece” a film about Divine Mercy for the Year of Mercy! It even has guest appearances by famous Catholics including comedian Jim Gaffigan, musician Harry Connick Jr., author George Weigel and Los Angeles’ Bishop Robert Barron, and Cardinal Schoeborn. The film Divine Mercy explores the only Image ever seen by nun Saint Faustina — at her convent in Vilnius, Lithuania, which inspired the image and the Divine Mercy devotion. Painted by Eugeniusz Kazimirowski starting in 1934, the artwork was made to go into hiding when the anti-Catholic Soviet Union occupied Vilnius. According to the documentary, it was stolen, smuggled and even rolled up for storage. Finally, two nuns accepted the “mission impossible” and brought the miraculous painting across the dangerous border between Lithuania and Belarus. In 2005, after 75 years of wandering, the painting was placed in a permanent home in a beautiful shine in Vilinius, according to the wishes of Saint Faustina and [her confessor] Blessed Fr. Michal Sapocko.  In the film, Connick says, “This painting is an attempt to make the unfathomable fathomable.” Says Gaffigan: “Obviously, she saw God.” Parishes and other organizations can book screenings of the film. Edited from

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