Saturday, May 7, 2016

#BreakingNews Fires in Alberta Canada displace 88,000 and Keep Burning - Please Pray

A Canadian wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, has forced an entire town's evacuation. Military planes are on firefighting duty and there are over 88,000 people displaced at oil field camps north of Fort McMurray. Police and military also airlifted of evacuees.One Wildfire victim said: 'It was driving through hell'. The fire is still growing and coming near the neighboring province of Saskatchewan,  Dry and extremely windy conditions are keeping the fire going. It has already burned more than 1,560 square kilometers (602 square miles). Minister Ralph Goodale said Saturday, "The situation remains unpredictable and dangerous".  It has destroyed at least 1,600 structures and sent smoke as far as Iowa.  More than 1,400 firefighters and 133 helicopters are fighting blazes across the province. No fatalities are directly related to the fire.  The wildfire began Sunday, May 1, and had torched 24,710 acres by Wednesday. The cause of the fire was unclear.  Some 15,000 people remain stranded north of the city, but not all will leave. Many evacuees are will end up in Edmonton, the provincial capital some 236 miles to the south, or Calgary. Temporary shelters are being set up. The fire is so large that once brought under control it will burn in some places for "weeks and weeks," 

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