Sunday, July 31, 2016

#BreakingNews Catholic Priest Stabbed by Assylum Seeker in Home after letting him use the Shower...Please PRAY

A  65-year-old Belgian priest named Jos Vanderlee.   Vanderlee let the asylum seeker use his shower at his home in Lanaken. The man asked the priest for money and then stabbed him. According to reports, the mayor of Lanaken said the incident 'can't be linked to terrorism' Fr. Jos suffered injuries to his hands and tendons. The asylum seeker had gone to the pastor's door to ask for help and ask if he could use his shower. This was reported in the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad. Fr Vanderlee was taken to a hospital with non life-threatening injures. Fr. Jos is pastor of eight parishes in the local area. He celebrated his 40th anniversary of the priesthood this month. The stabbing occurred around 2.40pm local time on Sunday and the attacker escaped the scene. Please PRAY for peace....

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