Thursday, July 14, 2016

#BreakingNews #ProLife Win as the US House of Reps passes Conscience Protection Act

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Conscience Protection Act of 2016 By a vote of 245 to 182. This will prevent the government from punishing pro-life healthcare providers who refuse to provide abortion services.
 Representative Diane Black (R-TN),  co-sponsor of the bill, said, “Today, I’m simply asking the members of this body to allow the millions of Americans who believe, as I do, in the sanctity of every life, to abide by those beliefs without having them trampled upon by their own government,” Rep. Black said.
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops commended House Speaker Paul Ryan for bringing the Conscience Protection Act to a vote.
“Even those who disagree on the life issue should be able to respect the conscience rights of those who wish not to be involved in supporting abortion,” said Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan. Archbishop William E. Lori explained, “The vast majority of medical personnel – and 85% of OB-GYNs, specifically – do not want to be involved in abortion. Whether their reasons are religious or non-religious, their conscientious objection to abortion is worthy of the highest respect and protection.”

Representatives from The Catholic Association (TCA) said;
“Men and women who have dedicated themselves to preserving life and promoting health should not be discriminated against when they refuse to perform, pay for, or facilitate an abortion,” TCA advisory board member Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie said in a statement. “It is too glaringly obvious to scientifically trained minds and hearts dedicated to healing our fellow man that an abortion is a lethal assault on a small and defenseless human being.”
TCA Maureen Ferguson added: “It is outrageous that the state of California has been illegally forcing churches, religious charities, and schools to pay for abortion in their healthcare plans, while the Obama Administration has looked the other way for two years.”

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Donna Montanarella said...

I am very thankful that this act passed. Everyone should be able to follow their conscience with out fear of negative consequences. Infringing on religious liberties is not only wrong, it's un-American. As a pro-life Catholic nurse, I appreciate this ruling. However, I would never have anything to do with an abortion or anything that was against my conscience or the rules of the most Holy Catholic Church. I think Paul Ryan did a great job.