Friday, July 15, 2016

Wow former Monk builds a Cathedral by Himself from mostly Recycled materials - #Cathedral SHARE

Justo Gallego Martínez (known as Don Justo) was born on September 20, 1925 in Mejorada del Campo, Spain. He has been building a Cathedral by himself in Mejorada del Campo in the Community of Madrid, Spain, since 1961. Don Justo named the building Nuestra Señora del Pilar. He joined a Trappist monastery when he was young but had to leave in 1961, after eight years, when he contracted tuberculosis. He began to build this cathedral on land he inherited from his parents. This was as a promise to Our Lady if he recovered from the tuberculosis. Gallego Martínez begins his workday at 6am and works for ten hours a day, except on Sundays. Eusebio Sanchez Dominges the parish priest described Gallego Martinez as a devout man, who attends Mass every Sunday. He started on 12 October 1961 (feast day of the Our Lady of the Pillar). He was architectually inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City, the White House. 20x50 metres and the total built up area of about 8,000m2.

Within the Cathedral there is a crypt and minor chapels, cloisters, lodgings and a library. The dome of the main building (modelled on St. Peter's Basilica) is about 40 metres in height, about 12 metres in diameter. Most of the building materials and tools used for construction are recycled. He has also been supported by his six nephews, and by occasional volunteers. Gallego Martínez lives with his sister nearby.  A documentary on this work was produced in 2006. It is also the subject of the 2009 short documentary, Catedral.

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