Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wow Franciscan Friar Evangelizes with a Skateboard - #Skateboard Gospel to SHARE

 Friar Gabriel  is able to sing Gregorian chant, but also performs amazing stunts on the skateboard. In 2015, Spirit Juice Films made a film on the Friar that won an Emmy from the  National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  “I wanted the fruits of the video to be simply love,” Friar Gabriel explained. He says, “the love of God and neighbor and love for the Blessed Mother that the world has not seen. We do everything for the glory of God and for the love of the Blessed Mother, and [with this video] we have been able to achieve this on so many different levels.” Friar Gabriel learned skateboarding for seven years. However, he realized he had a vocation to religious life and entered the friary. He went six years without touching a skateboard. Then his superior ordered him to get a skateboard and go to the skate park every week  to evangelize. Friar Gabriel obeyed and has touched many people while skateboarding.

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