Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wow Group of Nuns use Internet to bring the LOVE of Jesus through Music! SHARE #Nuns Joy!

Evangelizing with the Gospel through new media and music these Nuns from Colombia exude Joy! They are called The Eucharistic Communicators of the Heavenly Father and live in Cali, Colombia. They were founded in 2004, by Father Antonio Lootens from Belgium and Mother Gabriela del Amor from Colombia. Their community includes 65 religious women.
Quoted in an article SISTER NATASHA says; "It is something that is also created by our founders, who were inspired by Pope John Paul II when he said that there had to be people dedicated to evangelize in mass communication, precisely because the powerful reach it has among followers. Father Antonio told us that today people no longer read books, they are more involved in the world of communications. These is how people rationalizing world concepts, their reasons for living. And that's when the Pope stressed that we must be the gospel in this form of media, Christ must be present.” SISTER JERUT says,"This arose before the Year of Mercy, but we did not give the same level of strength before. It was there on standby. And then the Holy Year came and through the Lord's grace we said, 'we must record it'. And it was the last song that was published in our social networks.” They are a contemplative-active community. They pray at night and work during the day, You can see more of their songs on their Youtube channel. "

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