Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wow Pokémon Go leads People Church! VIRAL #Pokéstop brings Gamers to #Church - SHARE

 Pokémon Go is the new Viral app released by Niantic Labs. The app - which involves geocaching, exercise, and gaming - brings users to stops, which sometimes are located at churches. These are called Pokéstop. Fr Ryan Kaup's parish of Cristo Rey in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a "Pokéstop" as he discovered when local young people gathered outside his rectory window (according to CNA).   Now pastors and youth ministers, are seeing more people come to their churches. They are learning how to use this app for the good of the Gospel. "I heard a bunch of kids in the parish talking about the game after Mass, rejoicing in the fact that they had caught a Charmanderzar in the parish hall. After that I had to check it out," Fr Kaup said to CNA.  "Anytime we have an encounter with another human being it is an opportunity for evangelisation," Fr Kaup said. "Cristo Rey being a Pokéstop brings people to our doors who never would have come otherwise." (quotes from CNA) Image source Google Images
These Videos explain the Pokeman Evangelization Phenomenon - SHARE! 

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