Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wow #Olympic winners David Boudia and Steele Johnson say "Our Identity is in Christ" SHARE

After an amazing win at the Olympics in Rio winning Silver for synchronized diving these two athletes gave glory to God! 20-year-old swimmer Steele Johnson declared his “love and service to Christ.” In 2009, Johnson had an accident with a cracked skull. Having suffered from memory loss since then he has recovered. This is not the first Olympics for 27-year-old David Boudia, who has been very open as to his identity in Christ. Boudia is married and has a beautiful young daughter. The athletes say whatever outcomes of events  proceed from heavenly will. Boudia says he is Christian first, and this Christian identity of his is what defines him more. Boudia, had a conversion from sinful ways of drinking and putting himself first. Before the games they explained whether they win or lose, they are happy anyway. Jesus the source of their joy,
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In an Interview with CBN Boudia explained,
“The road to Rio and leading up to that I think God has changed me most really wanting me to be responsible and pursue excellence. Romans 8:28 says God works everything for the good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. And that purpose isn’t for my happiness or my joy, that purpose so that I become more like Christ daily.”

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