Sunday, October 30, 2016

#BreakingNews 6.6 #Earthquake hits Italy and destroys St. Benedict's Basilica in Norcia - Please Pray

An earthquake has hit central and southern Italy it was already damaged by a quake in August. Thus, quake-damaged buildings have now crumbled and thousands are without homes. The 6.6 magnitude quake is thought to be the strongest to hit the country for many decades.  It hit on Sunday October 30 at 7:40am. Some people were sleeping in cars or evacuated to shelters after strong jolts last Wednesday. The mayor of quake-hit Ussita said; "It's a disaster, a disaster!" Mayor Marco Rinaldi said "I was sleeping in the car and I saw hell."  The quake was felt in the Italian peninsula, with reports as far north as Bolzano and as far south as Bari. Residents rushed into the streets in Rome. It had a depth of 10 kilometers.
The Basilica of San Benedetto in Norcia; built over the birthplace of St. Benedict was destroyed.
Pope Francis prayed for victims of an earthquake:
“I express my closeness to the people of central Italy,” the Pope said. “I pray for the wounded and the families that have suffered major damage; as well as for the personnel” involved in rescue efforts and in aiding the victims. “May the Risen Lord give them strength, and the Madonna watch over them.”

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