Friday, July 28, 2017

BREAKING Vatican allows Nun to preside at Catholic wedding in Quebec in accordance with Canon Law due to shortage of priests

The Vatican authorized Sister Pierrette Thiffault, of the Sisters of Providence, to officiate at a wedding in a rural diocese in western Quebec.Cindy and David had their Catholic wedding on Saturday, July 22.

The Catholic church at Lorrainville, is 650 km west of Montreal in Canada. In the rural diocese of Rouyn-Norand in the Abitibi-TĂ©miscamingue region. The Bishop requested Sr Pierrette Thiffault of the Sisters of Providence. Some  priests are responsible for 7-8 parishes each.

According to Canon Law:

 “Where there is a lack of priests and deacons, the diocesan bishop can delegate lay persons to assist at marriages, with the previous favorable vote of the conference of bishops and after he has obtained the permission of the Holy See,” Canon 1112.
“A suitable lay person is to be selected, who is capable of giving instruction to those preparing to be married and able to perform the matrimonial liturgy properly.”
On May 23, Sr Pierrette received the necessary mandate in the form of an authorization from Rome after her name was proposed by the Congregation of Divine Worship and for the Discipline of Sacraments.
A member of the Sisters of Providence the past 55 years. The Sister met the couple on three occasions before the wedding
“It was a mission of evangelization, that’s for sure,” said Sr Pierrette.
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