Thursday, July 27, 2017

#BreakingNews Young Boy refuses to Kill and is thrown off a bridge by Thugs and Dies RIP - Angel Perez

Angel Ariel Escalante Perez was walking home from school when he was kidnapped by the thugs. They gave him a gun, and explained he had to shoot a bus driver or be killed himself. Because his father Luis Escalante was a bus driver too, the boy while crying refused and said he would rather they killed him. They gave him the choice of death by being chopped by machetes, or thrown off a bridge. He chose the bridge, and they threw him off the Incienso Bridge, located in Guatemala City, which is one of the longest bridges in Central America.  Emergency crews found the boy after 72 hours - but he died in hospital. Despite falling 135m (443 feet) he survived after landing in the thick foliage below. He lay critically injured for 72 hours, as his father and family searched for him. Eventually the father with friends found the child, who was taken to hospital where medics fought for 15 days to save his life before he finally died from his injuries.The funeral of 12-year-old Angel Ariel Escalante Perez, after doctors failed to save his life. Javier Soto, spokesman for the Guatemala firemen said: "The father of the child said his son had been gone for 72 hours and told him that six alleged kidnappers threw him off because he refused to kill a bus driver. "Usually people who jump or are thrown from there do not survive." Locals say that gangs frequently use of underage children for murders, reasoning that the group does not get charged for a killing in case they are caught. Children are often recruited by organized crime is common among Latin American gangs. Edited from the Mirror
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