Monday, March 12, 2018

Wow Pope Francis meets with Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. - Bernice Winner of Award for Peace

Pope Francis receives Bernice Albertine King, Martin Luther King, Jr's daughter
Bernice Albertine King visits Pope Francis while in Italy to receive an award recognizing her commitment to non-violence and peace.
Vatican News Report: By Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp
Pope Francis received in audience this morning the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr, Bernice Albertine King.
Bernice King was awarded an International Prize recognizing women involved in non-violence and peace initiatives. Gabriela Lio, a Baptist pastor says that “In the present racist and xenophobic climate, awarding Bernice King puts the spotlight on the legacy of M L King of non-violence, by recovering the courage of a faith that welcomes, encounters, and dialogues, which in this moment cannot but be interreligious. The legacy of which Bernice King is an authoritative spokesperson reconnects these aspects of the faith as a lesson of consistency between what is believed, what is preached, and what is practiced.”
The award ceremony took place on 10 March in Monteleone di Puglia in the Province of Foggia and was organized by the Gandhi Centre located in Pisa, and Rocco Altieri, a pacifist and an authority on the issue of non-violence.

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