Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wow Star Actor Jim Caviezel Tells Crowd of Youth to "Be Saints" and that "Forgiveness is Everything!" SHARE

Stand out from this corrupt generation....Be saints; is what actor Jim Caviezel emphasized.
Movie star Jim Caviezel participated at a panel discussion at Franciscan University of Steubenville for his new movie on St. Paul.  "Forgiveness is everything. It is forgiveness at all costs, it does not mean weakness. It means that one meets the evil with love. That's the power behind this movie.  He told the students to stay away from the "corrupt generation" and become saint. "You were born to be different. Stand out from this corrupt generation. Be holy. " Before loud cheers from the crowd he said:
"Freedom exists not to do what you like but having the right to do what you ought" 
"This message is for you: a great man once said evil is powerless if the good are unafraid."
Caviezel even said that he believed that the devil was more afraid of him than he of the devil.
 The panel discussion also included Steubenville professor and author Scott Hahn, and EWTN's Raymond Arroyo. 

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