Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pope Francis at Mass "The Lord always awaits us with love, with mercy...." and Meeting with Sick with FULL Text/Video

Blessing Meeting with the elderly and sick - Parish priest: 
Your Holiness, we find - paraphrasing San Lorenzo - the treasure of St. Paul of the Cross, of our parish: the poor and the elderly. We have 100 families that every month help with the monthly package, thanks also to the support of the Knights of Malta, who take the task of helping the poorest ones; we help them, when possible, in all the material forms, then bills and things like that, but also in the intangible ones, for example: necessity from a psychological point of view, when it is the case, or simply a chat, because one of the main problems of this parish is also the solitude of older people. And being a neighborhood that is becoming elderly, then I am in a big majority. Unfortunately, we had to give a representation: these are only 100. She spoke to his, Holiness.
Pope Francis:
 I was with the young people: they were restless, asking questions. Now I am with you, you are calmer ... Go forward slowly, because life has taught you, you have experience. Someone says that young people run, but the elderly know, they know the way. And you know the ways of life: so many good roads, [others] not so good, and also the sufferings, even the privations ... The Lord loves you, and what the parish does with you is a duty, it is a duty . Because those who need it most are at the center of the parish and at the center of the Gospel. And that's why I like what the parish priest said about the work he's doing with you. I know that each of you has so many problems, or illnesses, or sorrows, or spiritual problems, of family, so many things that we all know. Everyone has their own pain, everyone has their own scourge, everyone. But this does not take away your hope and does not take away your joy, because Jesus came to "pay" our sores with his wounds. And this is joy: Jesus paid for us, is near us, loves us and when we are with our pain, with our problems we think of the problems and pains of Jesus, with whom he wanted to pay for all we; and let's move on. And we also do good to others: we can all do good, everyone. Beginning with prayer for others, and also doing good to others. All. And let's do it joyfully, the joy of being a Christian. Thank you for coming to the parish. The parish priest said that you are the treasure of the parish. Come on! Let us pray to Our Lady to keep this treasure. "Hail Mary or ..." [Blessing] And pray for me, please! But pray for it, and not against it! [laughs, laughs] 
Homily during the Eucharistic Concelebration 
The disciples knew that Jesus had risen, because Mary Magdalene had said it in the morning; then Peter had seen him; then the disciples who had returned from Emmaus had recounted the meeting with the resurrected Jesus. They knew it: it has risen and lives. But that truth had not entered the heart. That truth, yes, they knew it, but they doubted. They preferred to have that truth in their mind, perhaps. It is less dangerous to have a truth in the mind than to have it in your heart. It is less dangerous. They were all gathered together and the Lord appeared. And they first got scared and thought he was a ghost. But Jesus himself said to them: "No, look, touch me. See the sores. A ghost has no body. See, it's me! ". But why did not they believe? Why did they doubt? There is a word in the Gospel that gives us the explanation: "But for joy they still did not believe and were full of amazement ...". For joy they could not believe. It was so much joy! If this is truth, it is an immense joy! "Ah, I do not believe it. I can not". They could not believe there was so much joy; the joy that leads to Christ. It happens to us when they give us good news. Before welcoming it to the heart we say: "Is it true? But how do you know? Where did you hear it? ". We do it to be sure, because, if this is true, it is a great joy. What happens to us in the small, you imagine the disciples! It was so much joy that it was better to say: "No, I do not believe it". But it was there! Yes, but they could not. They could not accept; they could not let the truth they saw pass through their hearts. And in the end, of course, they believed. And this is the "renewed youth" that the Lord gives us. In the Colletta oration we talked about it: the "renewed youth". We are used to age with sin ... Sin ages the heart, always. It makes you a hard, old, tired heart. Sin tires the heart and we lose a little faith in the Risen Christ: "No, I do not think ... This would be so much joy ... Yes, yes, he is alive, but he is in Heaven for his affairs ...". But his business is me! Each of us! But this connection we are not able to do it. In the second reading, the apostle John says: "If someone has sinned we have an advocate with the Father". Do not be afraid, he forgives. He renews us. Sin ages us, but Jesus, risen, alive, renews us. This is the strength of the risen Jesus. When we approach the sacrament of Penance it is to be renewed, to rejuvenate. And this is what the risen Jesus does. It is the risen Jesus who is today among us: he will be here on the altar; it is in the Word ... And on the altar it will be like this: risen! It is Christ who wants to defend us, the Lawyer, when we have sinned, to rejuvenate ourselves. Brothers and sisters, we ask for the grace to believe that Christ is alive, He is risen! This is our faith, and if we believe this, other things are secondary. This is our life, this is our true youth. Christ's victory over death, Christ's victory over sin. Christ is alive. "Yes, yes, now I will do the Communion ...". But when you make Communion, are you sure that Christ is alive there, has risen? "Yes, it's a bit of blessed bread ..." No, it's Jesus! Christ is alive, he has risen in If we do not believe this, we will never be good Christians, we will not be able to be. "But because they did not believe in joy and they were full of amazement". We ask the Lord for the grace that joy does not stop us from believing, the grace to touch the risen Jesus: to touch him in the encounter through prayer; in the encounter through the sacraments; in the encounter with his forgiveness which is the renewed youth of the Church; in the meeting with the sick, when we go to visit them, with the prisoners, with those who are the most needy, with the children, with the elderly. If we feel the desire to do something good, it is the risen Jesus who pushes us to this. It is always the joy, the joy that makes us young. We ask for the grace of being a joyful community, because each one of us is sure, has faith, has met the Risen Christ. Final greeting Thank you so much for your company, for being there. Thank you. Thank you so much for the welcome and for the things you showed me today. I carry you in my heart and I promise to pray; and I also ask you to pray for me. And let's move on, let's move on. We all need each other, everyone. Together, forward. Sins? We all have it. Want to serve Jesus and be good? We all have it. Go on. The Lord always awaits us with love, with mercy, to make us younger. Now, if you want, let us pray to Our Lady and then I give you my blessing. "Hail Mary ..." Blessing Good evening! Source: - Unofficial Translation

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