Friday, November 2, 2018

Pope Francis "Remember, remember. Memory is what makes a people strong, because it feels rooted..." FULL TEXT + Video

At 4 pm the Eucharistic Celebration took place in front of the Chapel dedicated to "the Risen Jesus".

Homily of the Holy Father

Today's liturgy is realistic, it is concrete. It is part of the three dimensions of life, dimensions that even children understand: the past, the future, the present.

Today is a day of memory of the past, a day to remember those who walked before us, who also accompanied us, gave us life. Remember, remember. Memory is what makes a people strong, because it feels rooted in a journey, rooted in a history, rooted in a people. Memory makes us understand that we are not alone, we are a people: a people that has history, that has passed, that has life. Memory of many who have shared a journey with us, and I am here [indicates the tombs around]. It is not easy to remember. We, many times, we struggle to go back with the thought of what happened in my life, in my family, in my people ... But today is a day of memory, the memory that takes us to the roots: to my roots, to roots of my people.

And today is also a day of hope: the second reading made us see what awaits us. A new heaven, a new earth and the holy city of Jerusalem, new. Beautiful is the image she uses to make us understand what awaits us: "I saw her come down from heaven, come down from God, ready as a bride adorned for her husband" (cf. Rev 21: 2). Beauty awaits us ... Memory and hope, hope to meet, hope to reach where there is the Love that created us, where there is Love waiting for us: the love of Father.

And between memory and hope there is the third dimension, that of the road we have to make and which we do. And how to make the road without making mistakes? What are the lights that will help me not to make a mistake? What is the "navigator" that God himself has given us, so as not to make mistakes? They are the Beatitudes that Jesus taught us in the Gospel. These Beatitudes - meekness, poverty of spirit, justice, mercy, purity of heart - are the lights that accompany us so as not to make a mistake: this is our present.

In this cemetery there are the three dimensions of life: memory, we can see it there [indicates the tombs]; hope, we will celebrate it now in faith, not in vision; and the lights to guide us on our journey so as not to make a mistake, we have heard them in the Gospel: they are the Beatitudes.

Today we ask the Lord to give us the grace to never lose our memory, never to hide our memory - memory of a person, family memory, memory of the people -; and that he gives us the grace of hope, because hope is a gift of his: to know how to hope, to look at the horizon, not to remain closed in front of a wall. Always look at the horizon and hope. And give us the grace to understand what are the lights that will accompany us on the road so as not to make mistakes, and so get to where they are waiting for us with so much love.

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