Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wow St. Padre Pio's Prophetic Warning to Critic of the Pope's Authority Archb. Lefebvre

St. Padre Pio met Archbishop Lefebvre and looked at him saying, very sternly:
"Never cause discord among your brothers and always practise the rule of obedience; above all when it seems to you that the errors of those in authority are all the more serious. There is no other road than that of obedience, especially for those of us who have made this vow."
It seems Archbishop Lefebvre did not see things in quite the same way even if he did respond to Padre Pio with: "I will remember that, Father." Padre Pio looked at him intensely and, seeing what would soon happen, said: 
"No! You will forget it! You will tear apart the community of faithful, oppose the will of your superiors and even go against the orders of the pope himself and this will happen quite soon..."
 Source: Pascal Cataneo's book "Padre Pio Gleanings" on page 58.
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