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1st Convent of Augustinian Nuns in Calabria, Italy find Peace through Deep Prayer Life

The first convent of Augustinan nuns in Calabria, Italy
Pictured:  Sr. Monica, Sr. Lucia, Sr. Clara e Sr. Elisa 

We are a community of Augustinian nuns of contemplative life who came from Eremo di Lecceto (Siena) Italy.
Since June 2009 we are in Rossano, on the Jonian Cosenza’s coast to build a new augustinian’s convent: the first one in Calabria!
Our monastic life (we are the spiritual descendants of Saint Augustine,) is based on heart and communion: inner life and fraternity.
Prominent in Augustine’s spirituality is a commitment to develop the interior life through prayer. Prayer is the foundation for our service to the Church. Augustine writes in the very beginning of his Confessions: “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless, until they rest in You”. Augustinian life is a shared journey to God, with contemplation, prayer, service and fraternal life.
Community occupies a central position in Augustinian spirituality. Our journey is shared with other sister Augustinians, with the people, with the larger Church and with the entire world. In our Augustinian spirituality, love of God and love of neighbor are one.
Our convent would be a place of silence, peace and prayer open to everyone want to have an experience of consciousness and try to listen and answer the inner questions of the heart: where did we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?
We are restructuring the ancient summer seminary of the Rossano-Cariati diocese, but it remains to be done, to complete the project: the church, the guest-house, parlors and meeting rooms…
It is an important, beautiful and arduous project.
If you want cooperate to this project with your personal help, we thank you in advance with all our heart and prayers.
This is our link to have more and up-to-date information:
FB: Monache Agostiniane - Rossano
Submitted to Catholic News World by Sr. Lucia

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