Tuesday, May 28, 2019

#BreakingNews Catholic Church Set on Fire in Northern Ireland - Priest says he will Pray for Attackers

A Catholic Church in Northern Ireland was deliberately set on fire. The Derry church building was destroyed in arson attack. Two men are believed to have started the blaze at Holy Family church at 10.30pm.  The garages were destroyed, the parochial house had windows blown in and Church’s roof has been damaged by fire.The blaze was started at Holy Family church on Friday, May 24, 2019. Police in N. Ireland are investigating after a Catholic church in Derry .
 Detective Constable Fielding said in a statement this morning that “the blaze spread to the church and nearby parochial house causing damage to both.” “The outbuilding was completely destroyed.”
 Speaking to journalist Leona O’Neill last night, Holy Family’s Fr Paddy O’Kane said it “was a big shock”.
Father Paddy O’Kane outside his Derry church said he will pray for those who did this.
 “What can I say? Why are they doing this?” he said. “Words fail me…just to say how disappointed I am that anybody would do that to the church.”
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Anonymous said...

This is despicable and disgraceful behaviour to cause damage to the church and the priest's house in my hometown of Derry. Hopefully these thugs will be made to pay for their crimes. Thank God Fr. Paddy wasn't injured.