Saturday, May 11, 2019

"USE your life to give, Life." Canadian Conscience Rights' Advocate Mattea Merta says to Youth at Pro-Life Vigil

The Canadian March for Life held its prayer vigil for life on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. There were many speakers and many youth who brought excitement for the future of the pro-life movement in Canada.
Here below is the Full Text Speech of Canadian Conscience Rights' Advocate Mattea Merta: 
For those who couldn't make it out tonight to the candlelight vigil in Ottawa for the unborn and have requested my speech, here it is: Life: it's breath in our lungs, our heartbeating, it's the love we feel and the memories we make. These are the very things that have contributed to the saying 'life is beautiful'. This life, standing here before you, experiences all these things. I have breath in my lungs, my heart beating, loved by my God and those near me, as well as memories I cherish and those I have had to learn from. This life, your life, has a story. A story so unique that it can impact a soul so deeply it can extend healing, it develops love, it has the ability to connect others and bring resolution to nations. I stand here for future lives to have the opportunity to impact this world with their lives, with their story. As well as for all the life stories that never had the chance to be, that never had the chance to shine their light on this world beyond 2 months, beyond 6 months, beyond 9 months. Before their little fingers were developed enough to hold another hand, before their little eyes could look into another's, before their mouths could form into a smile, before the sound of pattering feet could be heard. Those truly vulnerable, defenseless lives of such significance yet so unappreciated by society. I stand for them, i stand with them. I use my hands to work so that love can be extended, my eyes to see the injustices and then my mouth to speak for lives lost and lives that are on the line. My feet to travel to defend life, as well as to stand in the gaps and hostile spaces. Use your life, the words you say, the actions you produce, but more importantly, use your story because regardless of the life you lived, whether you have lived through the loss of a child by any means, or you are a member of a family that has experienced loss, you have hands, you have eyes, you have a voice - so let what you see turn into words, and those words turn into actions, and those actions will embolden you in your stand. We were created to give life, so in whatever placement you are in life here today, USE your life to give, Life.
Mattea Merta is a conscience rights advocate who works with a pro-life Parliament of Canada as a Stakeholder Relations Coordinator and Social Media Manager. She regularly assists pro-life organizations, helps jump start pro-family political campaigns and enjoys speaking on the importance of standing up for convictions.

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