Wednesday, August 14, 2019

#BreakingNews Russian Orthodox Priest Suspended for Rough Baptism caught on Video - Watch

A Russian Orthodox priest has been suspended from the clergy for one year after video emerged of him performing a very rough baptism.The baby's mother filed a complaint with the police. Footage of the August 10 incident is from the Marienburg Intercessional Church in the Leningrad region city of Gatchina, 40 kilometers south of St. Petersburg in Russia.  The video shows a priest identified as Father Foty using some force as he attempts to immerse a 1-year-old boy’s head in a baptismal font. After pushing the kicking and screaming infant’s head under water a first time, Father Foty can be seen fending off attempts by the protesting mother to take the child away from him as he tries to immerse its head again.
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The Diocese issued an official apology
 A statement by the Moscow Patriarchate stated that the priest's behavior was unacceptable. Source -

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Sally said...

Really?? Now the child is baptized but forever traumatized! Wrong approach!