Extremist kills 9 ethnic minorities in Hanau, Germany - Pope Francis offers prayers for victims

A 43-year-old German man, identified as Tobias Rathjen, shot and killed 9 people at several locations in a Frankfurt suburb overnight in attacks.
The gunman first attacked a bar and a nearby cafe in central Hanau, on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020, killing several people. Then he attacked again, first on a car and then a sports bar, claiming more victims.

Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin sent a message on behalf of Pope Francis, expressing his sorrow for those killed and their families, in the shooting in Hanau.

Cardinal Parolin wrote in a telegram to Bishop Michael Gerber of Fulda, of the area of Hanau:
When he learned of the terrible act of violence in Hanau, which caused the death of innocent people, the Holy Father Francis was deeply affected. His Holiness manifests his participation in the mourning of family members, ensuring his closeness to their pain. In prayer, Pope Francis entrusts the dead to the mercy of God and implores Christ, Lord of life, so that mourners will find consolation and trust, and will be accompanied by God's blessing and peace.

The gunman, Tobias Rathjen, a suspected right extremist, was found dead at his home along with his mother. Turkish, ethnic Kurdish people with backgrounds from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Romania were among those killed.
Source: Vatican.va

Seiner Exzellenz
Bischof Michael Gerber
Mit Bestürzung hat Papst Franziskus von der schrecklichen Gewalttat in Hanau Kenntnis erhalten, die unschuldige Menschen in den Tod gerissen hat. Seine Heiligkeit nimmt Anteil an der Trauer der Hinterbliebenen und bekundet ihnen seine Nähe in ihrem Schmerz. Im Gebet vertraut Papst Franziskus die Verstorbenen der Barmherzigkeit Gottes an. Er bittet Christus, den Herrn des Lebens, alle Trauernden mit Trost und Zuversicht zu erfüllen und sie mit seinem Segen und Frieden zu begleiten.
Kardinal Pietro Parolin
Staatssekretär Seiner Heiligkeit