#BreakingNews Arson Suspected in Large Fire at Historic Cathedral in Nantes, France that Destroys 400 year old Organ

This morning around 7:30 am the firefighters intervened at the Cathedral of Nantes on a fire which destroyed the large organ and the canopy of the 15th century church. The choir stalls and the choir organ are also partially destroyed.

(Photos Diocese of Nantes Facebook page)

For the people of Nante, the cathedral, an architectural masterpiece, is above all the mother church of the diocese - it takes its name from the cathedral, seat of the bishop.  During the pandemic, through  Holy Week celebrations broadcast live, the cathedral continued to be the heart of the life of the diocese.

Father François Renaud, diocesan administrator and Father Hubert Champenois, rector of the cathedral, called the Catholics of the diocese to unite in prayer.

They welcome the commitment of firefighters, police and civil society for its help.

They are very touched by the support of the public authorities and by the expressions of friendship from representatives of other Christian churches and other religions.

Beyond the Catholic community, they thank the crowd of Nantes residents who show their friendship during these painful hours. Edited from a press release of the Diocese of Nantes