Catholic Bishops in Argentina Release Pro-Life Statement in Response to New Abortion Protocol

The city of Buenos Aires, on Thursday, July 16, 2020, released a protocol allowing for the "voluntary interruption of a pregnancy." The Catholic Bishops' Conference released a response in a statement in favor of life for both mothers and their unborn. The statement's title is "Life is always dignified."
Their statement explains that "..the Legislature of the City
has just approved by a large majority the adherence to the Legal Termination of Pregnancy
(ILE), that is, non-punishable abortion, which is already practiced in much of the country.
It hurts us and it hurts, that in the midst of a lethal pandemic, where so many
health workers and essential servants expose and risk their lives to save that of others,
legislators see fit to move forward on a law, which is certainly not "honoring the
life ”..."
The proclaimed right to abort, especially among the most adolescent girls
vulnerable, which, according to the arguments put forward, have no choice but to obtain an
illegal abortion, is opposed to the desire of many, many other girls who do
choose life.
This ILE protocol contradicts the constitutional guarantees in favor of life more
unprotected: that of a human being to be born. Who can celebrate this approval? The
Abortion became law, but it is still an understatement, and we all know of
that is.
We are not against the rights of women; yes in favor of life as
it comes, in all circumstances, even in the midst of the pandemic, in the most humble neighborhoods,
In the wealthiest sectors, in all parts of our beloved city it should be heard:
"Yes to life; yes, to both lives! ».
Because, when the most basic right is denied - the right to live - all
human rights are hanging by a thread. Without life, for example, there is no freedom.
8,388 legal pregnancy terminations were performed in 2019. Most in
the first level of the health centers. Any other topic doesn't have that same level of
accessibility in this type of effectors.
We understand the arguments that address abortion as a health issue, but
These arguments conceive of health from an isolated perspective, as if beings
humans we were not relationship, ties, spirit: something that does remind us of the pandemic
that we are suffering.
We understand that health is at stake, but we also understand that health
Health cannot be achieved by discarding another human being. So for women of
In the humblest neighborhoods, abortion is experienced as an existential drama, personal and
Here follows a very profound hunch: it is not human to favor the weak
against another who is even weaker.
Looking towards the Basilica of Luján, where so many young people and families make a pilgrimage to celebrate life, we ask the Virgin Mary to continue lovingly protecting everyone
those who, in their mothers' bellies, hope to share this world.
In the City of Buenos Aires, on the 16th day of the month of July 2020.
The Bishops of the Archdiocese of the Holy Trinity of Buenos Aires.
Card. Mario A. Poli, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Msgr. Joaquín Sucunza, Msgr. Enrique Eguía
I continued, Bishop Alejandro Giorgi, Bishop Ernesto Giobando SJ, Bishop Juan Carlos Ares, Bishop José
María Baliña, and Mons. Gustavo Carrara