#BreakingNews Female Lector Assaulted in Cathedral during Mass - Caught on Video

Woman Caught On Camera Punching Female Lector During Sunday Mass At Cathedral Basilica Of Saints Peter And Paul in Philadelphia.
  The assault occurred in the sanctuary while the 11 a.m. service was being livestreamed.
Parishioners inside the cathedral witnessed the attack as well as thousands of people who were watching it on the livestream.

A woman dressed in green was taped on the livestream punching a lector twice then walked back to her pew.

“What happened this morning during our 11 o’clock solemn mass was quite disturbing, should have never happened,” Father Dennis Gill said.

Gill says the woman ran out of the cathedral and that the lector is doing well.

“She was very brave, she handled it in a very mature way and she did not require any medical attention,” Gill said. “She is fine, thank God.”

The police investigated the incident.

Archbishop Nelson Perez posted a statement on his Facebook page - “Please be assured that there are safety and security plans in place for the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. We welcome all visitors and work to provide for their safety. Violence has no place in our world and every life is a precious gift from God.”

The archdiocese will hold a meet on Monday morning to address security at the cathedral.