#BreakingNews Attacks on 3 Churches in Malawi with Eucharist Stolen and Convent of Religious Sisters Vandalized

AFRICA/MALAWI - A church desecrated, it is the third in two months; "The government must do everything to protect us"

Monday, 12 October 2020

Lilongwe (Agenzia Fides) - "We expect the government to do everything possible to protect the citizens of Malawi, including the Catholic Church. However, I know that the government and the police cannot protect every private home", said His Exc. Mgr. Montfort Stima of Mangochi, after a series of attacks on parishes and assemblies in his diocese.

The last armed bandit attack occurred on the night of October 7th. The Nsanama community in Machinga was targeted. The bandits stole cash, a laptop, cell phones and the Holy Eucharist.

According to Fr. Matthew Likambale, parish priest in Nsanama, the intruders attacked the guard before entering the premises. "I want you to know that we had a terrible night after the thieves attacked the Convent of the Canossian Sisters. They were looking for me. They pressured the nuns to reveal where I was, but they kept saying that I was not in the convent", said Fr. Likambale in a message to the parishioners.

"They broke into the convent after beating and handcuffing the guard with a metal rod and machete. Then they entered the convent, opened the Tabernacle, took the Blessed Sacrament (Eucharist) and then went to the nuns' rooms", continues Fr. Likambale.

This is the third major attack on Catholic institutions in two months, first the Catholic parish of St. Patrick in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe; then the parish of Kankao in the diocese of Mangochi; and now parish of Nsanama, also in the diocese of Mangochi. (L.M.) (FULL TEXT Source; Agenzia Fides, 12/10/2020) Image Source: https://bakhitagirls.wordpress.com/


Unknown said…
The people who do this are demonic, and must be dealt with in the same violent way that they attack these churches, convents, and the people living and working there. Prayer will not affect these people in a positive way; only through torture and death will they (others like them) be deterred from making similar attacks. Note that such events have steadily increased since Francis was ordained as pope. Those who think this man serves God, are mistaken. No man can truly serve as pope while another is living. Those who fail to realize this are contributing to the destruction of the Church. If you don't understand this now, trust that you will come to understand it very soon.