During Violent Riot in Portland, Oregon a Catholic Church that Helps the Poor was Vandalized and was Forced to Suspend Services to the Homeless - VIDEO

In Portland, Oregon, riots took place that saw the damage of several businesses and Saint André Bessette Catholic Church. This church normally serves the poor and homeless in the area. However, due to the vandalism incurred during the riots, the pastor, Fr. Gaughan, explained that they have been forced to suspend their services to the poor.
The damage to windows spread over several blocks. The National Guard troops were called for the first time in this protest. The guardsmen were in the streets helping with crowd control and arrests.  12 people were arrested in connection to the riots. 

Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued a statement Thursday that reads in part, "indiscriminate destruction solves nothing. These are acts of privilege."
  Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt also issued a statement that says in part: "What we saw last night...was criminal and unacceptable." One of the targets for destruction was St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church at West Burnside Street and 6th Avenue. Every window on the outer doors were broken. “Until I can get the building secured, everything's coming to a stop,” Fr. Gaughan said. “So, there's hundreds of people that we would normally give out food to- and we're not gonna be able to because of this." 
 Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese called the attack on the church reprehensible. "The loss of shelter beds due to violence and vandalism comes at a time when we desperately need safe space for vulnerable individuals to seek refuge from a pandemic and colder, rainier weather. This hurts the community's efforts to get people off the streets and connected to the crucial resources they need." People with information on the attacks are asked to call police. 
Edited from KGW8