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Saturday of the Twenty-sixth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 460

Reading 1
JB 42:1-3, 5-6, 12-17
Job answered the LORD and said:

I know that you can do all things,
and that no purpose of yours can be hindered.
I have dealt with great things that I do not understand;
things too wonderful for me, which I cannot know.
I had heard of you by word of mouth,
but now my eye has seen you.
Therefore I disown what I have said,
and repent in dust and ashes.

Thus the LORD blessed the latter days of Job
more than his earlier ones.
For he had fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels,
a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she-asses.
And he had seven sons and three daughters,
of whom he called the first Jemimah,
the second Keziah, and the third Kerenhappuch.
In all the land no other women were as beautiful
as the daughters of Job;
and their father gave them an inheritance
along with their brothers.
After this, Job lived a hundred and forty years;
and he saw his children, his grandchildren,
and even his great-grandchildren.
Then Job died, old and full of years.

Responsorial Psalm
PS 119:66, 71, 75, 91, 125, 130
R. (135) Lord, let your face shine on me.
Teach me wisdom and knowledge,
for in your commands I trust.
R. Lord, let your face shine on me.
It is good for me that I have been afflicted,
that I may learn your statutes.
R. Lord, let your face shine on me.
I know, O LORD, that your ordinances are just,
and in your faithfulness you have afflicted me.
R. Lord, let your face shine on me.
According to your ordinances they still stand firm:
all things serve you.
R. Lord, let your face shine on me.
I am your servant; give me discernment
that I may know your decrees.
R. Lord, let your face shine on me.
The revelation of your words sheds light,
giving understanding to the simple.
R. Lord, let your face shine on me.

See MT 11:25
R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.

LK 10:17-24
The seventy-two disciples returned rejoicing and said to Jesus,
“Lord, even the demons are subject to us because of your name.”
Jesus said, “I have observed Satan fall like lightning from the sky.
Behold, I have given you the power
‘to tread upon serpents’ and scorpions
and upon the full force of the enemy
and nothing will harm you.
Nevertheless, do not rejoice because the spirits are subject to you,
but rejoice because your names are written in heaven.

”At that very moment he rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said,
“I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
for although you have hidden these things
from the wise and the learned
you have revealed them to the childlike.
Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will.
All things have been handed over to me by my Father.
No one knows who the Son is except the Father,
and who the Father is except the Son
and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal him.”

Turning to the disciples in private he said,
“Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.
For I say to you,
many prophets and kings desired to see what you see,
but did not see it,
and to hear what you hear, but did not hear it.”
Prayer to Make a Spiritual Communion-
People who cannot communicate now make spiritual communion.
At your feet, O my Jesus I bow down and offer you the repentance of my contrite heart, which abysses itself into its nothingness and Your holy presence. I adore you in the Sacrament of Your love, the ineffable Eucharist. I wish to receive you in the poor home that my heart offers you. In anticipation of the happiness of sacramental communion, I want to possess you in spirit. Come to me, oh my Jesus, that I may come to you. May Your love inflame my whole being, for life and death. I believe in you, I hope in you, I love you. So be it. Amen

Saint October 3 : St. Mother Theodore Guérin the Founder of the Sisters of Providence

THÉODORE GUÉRIN (1798 – 1856)

“What strength the soul draws from prayer! In the midst of a storm, how sweet is the calm it finds in the heart of Jesus. But what comfort is there for those who do not pray?” These words, written by Mother Théodore Guérin after surviving a violent storm at sea, perhaps best exemplify her life and ministry. Truly, Mother Theodore drew strength from prayer, from conversations with God, with Jesus and with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Throughout her life, she encouraged prayer as she sought to share the love of God with people everywhere.
Mother THÉODORE—ANNE-THÉRÈSE GUÉRIN—was born Oct. 2, 1798, in the village of Etables, France. Her devotion to God and to the Roman Catholic Church began when she was a young child. She was allowed to receive her First Communion at the age of 10 and, at that time, told the parish priest that someday she would be a nun.
The child Anne-Thérèse often sought solitude along the rocky shore near her home, where she devoted hours to meditation, reflection and prayer. She was educated by her mother, Isabelle Guérin, who centered lessons on religion and Scripture, thus nurturing the child’s love of God. Anne-Thérèse’s father, Laurent, who served in Napoleon’s navy, was away from home for years at a time. When Anne-Thérèse was 15 years old, her father was murdered by bandits as he traveled home to visit his family. The loss of her husband nearly overwhelmed Isabelle and, for many years, Anne-Thérèse bore the responsibility of caring for her mother and her young sister, as well as the family’s home and garden.
Through those years of hardship and sacrifice, indeed through all the years of her life, Mother Théodore’s faith in God neither wavered nor faltered. She knew in the depths of her soul that God was with her and always would be with her, a constant companion.
Anne-Thérèse was nearly 25 years old when she entered the Sisters of Providence of Ruillé-sur-Loir, a young community of women religious serving God by providing opportunities for education to children and by caring for the poor, sick and dying.
While teaching and caring for the sick in France, Mother Théodore, then known as Sister St. Theodore, was asked to lead a small missionary band of Sisters of Providence to the United States of America, to establish a motherhouse, to open schools and to share the love of God with pioneers in the Diocese of Vincennes in the State of Indiana. Humble and prone to feelings of unworthiness, Mother Theodore could not imagine that she was suitable for such a mission. Her health was fragile. During her novitiate with the Sisters of Providence, she became very ill. Remedies cured the illness but severely damaged her digestive system; for the remainder of her life she was able to consume only soft, bland foods and liquids. Her physical condition added to her doubts about accepting the mission. Nevertheless, after hours of prayer and lengthy consultations with her superiors, she accepted the mission, fearing that if she did not, no one would venture to the wilderness to share the love of God.
Equipped with little more than her steadfast desire to serve God, Mother Théodore and her five companion Sisters of Providence arrived at the site of their mission at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, the evening of October 22, 1840, and immediately hastened along a muddy, narrow path to the tiny log cabin that served as the chapel. There, they knelt in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament to thank God for their safe journey and to ask for God’s blessings for the new mission.
Here, on this hilly, ravine-cut, densely forested land, Mother Théodore would establish a motherhouse, a school and a legacy of love, mercy and justice that continues to this day.
Throughout years of sorrow and years of peace, Mother Théodore relied upon God’s Providence and her own ingenuity and faith for counsel and guidance. She urged Sisters of Providence to “Put yourself gently into the hands of Providence.” In letters to France, she stated, “But our hope is in the Providence of God, which   has protected us until the present, and which will provide, somehow, for our future needs.”
In the fall of 1840, the mission at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods consisted only of a tiny log cabin chapel that also served as lodging for a priest, and a small frame farmhouse, where Mother Théodore, the sisters from France and several postulants lived. During that first winter, harsh winds blew from the north to rattle the little farmhouse The sisters were often cold and frequently hungry. But they transformed a porch into a chapel and were comforted by the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the humble motherhouse. Mother Théodore said, “With Jesus, what shall we have to fear?”
During the early years at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Mother Théodore encountered numerous trials: prejudice against Catholics and, especially, against Catholic women religious; betrayals; misunderstandings; the separation of the Congregation in Indiana from the one in Ruillé; a devastating fire that destroyed an entire harvest leaving the sisters destitute and hungry, and frequent life-threatening illnesses. Still she persevered, desiring only that “In all and everywhere may the will of God be done.” In correspondence to friends, Mother Théodore acknowledged the tribulations. She wrote: “If ever this poor little Community becomes settled, it will be established on the Cross; and that is what gives me confidence and makes me hope, sometimes even against hope.”
Less than a year after arriving at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Mother Théodore opened the Congregation’s first Academy and, in 1842, established schools at Jasper, Indiana, and St. Francisville, Illinois By the time of her death on May 14, 1856, Mother Théodore had opened schools in towns throughout Indiana, and the Congregation of the Sisters of Providence was strong, viable and respected. Always, Mother Théodore attributed the growth and success of the Sisters of Providence to God and to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to whom she dedicated the ministry at Saint Mary-of-the- Woods.
Mother Théodore’s holiness was evident to people who knew her, and many described her simply as “saintly”. She possessed the ability to draw out the best in people, to enable them to attain more than they thought possible. Mother Théodore’s love was one of her great hallmarks. She loved God, God’s people, the Sisters of Providence, the Roman Catholic Church and the people she served. She did not exclude anyone from her ministries or her prayers, for she dedicated her life to helping people know God and live better lives.
Mother Théodore knew that alone she could do nothing, but that all things were possible with God. She accepted trials, trouble and occasions when she was treated unjustly as part of her life. In the midst of persecution, Mother Théodore remained true, a faithful woman of God.
Mother Théodore died sixteen years after she arrived at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. During those fleeting years, she touched a countless number of lives—and continues to do so today.
The gift she gives to each succeeding generation is her life as a model of holiness, virtue, love and faith.
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5 Amazing Facts about Guardian Angels - You Need to Know and SHARE!

1. Every Person (from conception) has his/her own Guardian Angel (even those with no Faith) who is with them all the time.
2. Your Angel is trying to help(protect) you Love God and get to heaven.
3. Angels cannot sin and are great examples.
4. Your Angel can send you  or others signals to warn you and try to tell you something.
5. Your can talk/pray to your Angel and ask them to help you. 
October 2nd is the Feast Day of Guardian Angels
Daily Prayer to your Guardian Angel:
Angel of God 
My guardian dear 
To Whom God's Love 
Commits me here 
Ever this day 
Be at my side 
To light and guard 
To rule and guide. Amen

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Pope Francis Quotes Mother Teresa Saying We Will be Judged ".. for how much love we have put into those things." to Swiss Guard

Friday, 2 October 2020

Mr. Commander,
Reverend Chaplain,
Dear officers and members of the Swiss Guard!
I am happy to meet you on this day of celebration. I address a cordial greeting to the new recruits who, following the example of many of their compatriots, have chosen to dedicate a period of their youth to the service of the Successor of Peter. The presence of your family members expresses the devotion of Swiss Catholics to the Holy See, as well as the moral education and good example with which parents have transmitted to their children the Christian faith and the sense of generous service to others. My grateful greeting also goes to the representatives of the Foundation for the Pontifical Swiss Guard.
Today offers me the opportunity to recall your Body's illustrious past. Our thoughts go, in particular, to the "Sack of Rome", which saw the Swiss guards courageously defend the Pope, to the point of giving their lives. The memory of that event may evoke in you the danger of a spiritual "pillage". In the current social context, many young people run the risk of having their souls stripped, when they follow ideals and lifestyles that respond only to material desires or needs.
My hope is that your stay in Rome constitutes a favorable time to make the most of what this city offers you. It is rich in history, culture and faith; therefore take advantage of the opportunities offered to you to strengthen your cultural, linguistic and spiritual background. The time you will spend here is a unique moment in your existence: may you live it with a spirit of brotherhood, helping one another to lead a life rich in meaning and joyfully Christian.
May the oath you take the day after tomorrow also be a testimony of fidelity to your baptismal vocation, that is, to Christ, who calls you to be men and Christians, protagonists of your existence. With his help and with the power of the Holy Spirit, you will calmly face the obstacles and challenges of life. Do not forget that the Lord is always at your side: I sincerely wish you to always feel his consoling presence.
I take this opportunity to renew the expression of my gratitude to the entire Pontifical Swiss Guard Corps. And I thank you not only for what you do - which is a lot! - but also how you do it. Saint Teresa of Calcutta said that at the end of life we ​​will not be judged for how many things we have done, but for how much love we have put into those things.

I assure you of my prayers for all your good intentions; and you too, please, pray for me. To all of you, I cordially impart my Apostolic Blessing.

Ratzinger Prize Winners are Australian Professor Tracey Rowland and French Philosopher Jean-Luc Marion - VIDEO

Press Conference to present the initiatives of the Joseph Ratzinger - Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation, 01.10.2020

At 11.30 this morning, in the Marconi Room of Palazzo Pio, in Piazza Pia 3, a Press Conference took place to present the winners of the Ratzinger 2020 Prize and the initiatives of the Joseph Ratzinger - Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation.
Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture and Member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation, attended the Press Conference; Father Federico Lombardi, SI, President of the Foundation's Board of Directors.
Below is the speech that Fr. Federico Lombardi gave during the press conference:
Speech by Fr. Federico Lombardi, SI
The purpose of this Press Conference is to present the main activities of the Joseph Ratzinger - Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation during this year 2020 and in particular to announce and present the two "winners" of the 2020 Ratzinger Prize. I thank Cardinal Ravasi, who he chairs this conference in the dual capacity of President of the Council for Culture and member of the Scientific Committee of the Ratzinger Foundation.
I remember that the Foundation was established in 2010 with the aim of promoting studies and publications on the work and thought of J. Ratzinger - Benedict XVI, and more generally of promoting theological studies and related disciplines.
The concrete initiatives indicated by the Statute mainly go in three directions: 1. prizes for scholars and deserving works; 2. conferences and study meetings and publications; 3. scholarships for PhD students.
The most important and well-known initiative we need to talk about is of course the Ratzinger Prize, which is now in its 10th edition. The winners are proposed to Pope Francis by the Scientific Committee (made up of 5 members: Card. A. Amato, K. Koch, G. Ravasi, L. Ladaria and by the Bishop of Regensburg, Mons. Rudolf Voderholzer) and approved by him.
As was mostly the case in previous editions, this year the winners are two.
Prof. Jean-Luc Marion
Prof. Jean-Luc Marion (b. Paris 1946) is a philosopher and theologian. He studied at the École Normale Supérieure, a pupil of Althusser, Derrida and assistant to F. Alquié. Prof. of metaphysics in 1981 first in Nanterre (Paris X) and then from 1995 at the Sorbonne (Paris IV).
Marion's reflection developed around two fundamental lines, that of the history of philosophy, and that of phenomenology. In the history of philosophy, his contributions on Descartes and the history of metaphysics are fundamental, with which he made himself known in the academic field. However, it is in phenomenology that Marion's fundamental contribution lies, in that current of French phenomenology where we also find Lévinas, Ricoeur, M. Henry and Derrida, of whom he was also a disciple. In the wake of Lévinas, Marion tries to show that the question of being, however central to the history of metaphysics, is not the fundamental one, and that it must be overcome in a double movement, on the one hand horizontally by ethics understood as love. and donation, and on the other, vertically, as theological transcendence. Marion approaches phenomenology starting from the act of giving and giving, and develops the concept of "saturated phenomenon": the saturation of the concept, an overabundance of meaning present in the phenomenon, which she then also applied to the philosophy and history of 'art. On this basis, Marion developed a phenomenology of love and being as a gift, which has its most complete expression in the workÉtant donné. Essai d'une phénoménologie de la donation .
Marion is Academic of France (2008), author of numerous publications and director of some prestigious series. He was a member of the Pontifical Council for Culture. He regularly collaborates with the international magazine Communio.
Prof. Tracey Rowland
Born on 7 July 1963, Australian, she studied law and then in philosophy and political philosophy at the Universities of Queensland and Melbourne. He received his doctorate from Cambridge University on the relationship between twentieth century theology and the idea of ​​culture, with particular reference to the philosophy of Alasdair MacIntyre and the theology of Henri De Lubac and Joseph Ratzinger. From 2001 to 2017 she was Dean of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family in Melbourne. In the same period he obtained his licentiate and doctorate in theology at the Lateran University in Rome. He currently holds the St. John Paul II Research Chair in Theologyof the Notre Dame University of Australia. Among his main works, two are dedicated to the thought of J. Ratzinger and translated into different languages: La fede di Ratzinger. The theology of Benedict XVI (2008) and Benedict XVI. A Guide for the Perplexed (2017). He has published over 150 articles. He is a member of the editorial board of the international magazine Communio. His teaching and research activity ranges in different fields of theology, in particular fundamental theology, theological anthropology and ecumenism. He has been a member of the International Theological Commission since 2014.
With the new winners, the Ratzinger Awards assigned become 22 in all, from 15 countries and 5 different continents. In fact, with Prof. Rowland we also reached Oceania.
The awarding of the Prize is scheduled for November 14 in the Apostolic Palace, as in previous editions, by Pope Francis. We hope that the ceremony can take place despite the pandemic. Should it be canceled due to force majeure, i.e. the impossibility of the two winners to participate, the Prize will be awarded the same for 2020, but the winners will be invited to participate and receive the Diploma together with the winners of next year 2021.
As for the past year, I remember that before the start of the pandemic we were able to hold the IX International Study Symposium promoted by the Foundation. It took place in Budapest, on 8-9 October, in collaboration with the Hungarian Catholic University "Pázmány Péter", and was dedicated to the theme: "The economic, social and spiritual situation of Central European countries in the light of the Doctrine of the Church ". The place and theme - clearly topical in today's European context - were chosen on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Speakers represented various countries of the Central European area (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine…), but also scholars from Western Europe took part. The first Report was given by Card. Péter Erdö (Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest), the second by HE Roland Minnerath (Archbishop of Dijon and Pontifical Academician), the third by Hanna Suchocka (former Prime Minister of Poland and Pontifical Academician). Among the other speakers, the President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Stefano Zamagni, and prof. Hans Joas (of the Humboldt University of Berlin). The Acts are being prepared. Hans Joas (of the Humboldt University of Berlin). The Acts are being prepared. Hans Joas (of the Humboldt University of Berlin). The Acts are being prepared.
During the spring, the Proceedings of the previous Symposium were published, published in full in English with the Franciscan University Press: Fundamental Rights and Conflicts among Rights. The theme is very important. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented the presentation initiatives that were planned.
This year the "Open Reason" Award has reached its fourth edition, in collaboration with the Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid, which is awarded every year to some works that realize the Ratzingerian idea of ​​"open reason", that is, of dialogue in action between different disciplines, in particular sciences (mathematics, natural, human) and philosophy and theology. The international jury awarded this year, in the "research section", a great collective work on the vision of man (from a psychological, philosophical, theological point of view ...): A Catholic Christian Meta-Model of the Person: Integration of Psychology and Mental Health Practice (editors: D. Paul C. Vitz, D. William J. Nordling, D. Craig Steven Titus, of Divine Mercy University); the workHuman Embryos Human Beeings. A Scientific and Philosophical Approach , by Samuel and Maureen Condic (University of Utah) and the Opera What's the matter? Toward a neo-Aristotelian ontology of nature , by William MR Simpson (University of Cambridge). In the “teaching section” the work (with the related educational programs) was awarded the Teaching Character Virtues. A Neo-Aristotelian Approach , by James A. Arthur (University of Birmingham).
Unfortunately, the award ceremony, accompanied by a study seminar with the participation of the award winners, this year could not be organized - at least so far -, and it was limited to an internet seminar promoted by the Francisco de Vitoria University.
In any case, the initiative is very vital, as evidenced by the number of works nominated for the award (122), much more than a hundred as every year, the number of universities represented (96) and the internationality of the authors (from 15 countries different), mainly, though not exclusively, from the Iberian area and the two Americas. The works presented are almost all in English or Spanish.
In the area of ​​central-eastern Europe another collaboration initiative has developed, this time with the Polish State University Nicolò Copernico di Torun, the city of Copernicus. Here too the form of the Award was chosen - in this case called Ratio et spes,“Reason and Hope” - choosing a specific theme each year and selecting, with the collaboration of an international group of experts in the subject, a scientific article or two of particular value. The award ceremony takes place on the occasion of the National Science Day in Poland, which falls on February 19, so in 2020 the first award ceremony was managed just before the outbreak of the pandemic. The theme was “Artificial intelligence and its applications, the possibilities and questions it poses for today's humanity”. The work of a researcher from the famous MIT in Boston with his research group (T. Poggio, A. Bańburski, Q. Liao) was awarded. The theme of the second edition currently underway concerns the problems of the environment. The group of experts has already made the selection of the works and is now awaiting the decision of the Scientific Committee, which will be designated, according to the Statute, as soon as the new Rector of the University of Torun is elected. The fact that our Foundation has started a qualified cultural collaboration experience with a prestigious State University is highly appreciated by the Church in Poland.
In the last months of last year, the Foundation had also promoted, in collaboration with the Observer of the Holy See at the United Nations Organizations in Rome (FAO, IFAD, PAM), a series of seminars on the theme of "ethical leadership" in front of to current international problems. The first involved the participants in the Amazon Synod in the Atrium of the Paul VI Hall, the other two were held respectively at FAO and IFAD. A quarter had to be canceled due to the onset of the pandemic. In any case, the interventions of the speakers in the three seminars actually carried out had been of a high level (they were university professors, officials of international organizations, diplomats, etc.), so that their publication in a collective volume is in progress. which will be added to those of the Proceedings of International Symposia. A series of contacts is underway with pontifical universities and with the Francisco de Vitoria of Madrid in view of new future initiatives in this field.
While the initiatives of the Awards and publications, as well as the awarding of annual scholarships for PhD students, could continue despite the pandemic, what unfortunately had to be canceled is this year's International Symposium, which was planned in Beirut , and which had begun to prepare, between the end of last year and the beginning of this year, ten years after the Special Synod on the Middle East called by Benedict XVI, to reflect on the situation of the Church and Christians in the region, on the dialogue with Islam and the commitment to peace, in the light of the teaching and initiatives of the latest popes - John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Francis.
The choice of Beirut also had an evident meaning of solidarity with peoples and religious communities in very difficult situations. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the pandemic made it impossible to continue preparing. Added to this were the truly critical situation in Lebanon and the disaster of the explosion in the port of Beirut. We are truly very saddened. We hope in the future to be able to resume this initiative, not only for its cultural significance, but also for that of solidarity that we proposed.
Meanwhile, we have begun to work seriously in the hope of being able to organize an international symposium again in 2021. The planned location is a Catholic University in the United States. It would be the first time that the Foundation has promoted a Symposium in the United States and therefore on this occasion the theme would revolve around the theological thought of Ratzinger-Benedict XVI. We hope that the pandemic or other difficulties will not prevent us from carrying out this beautiful project.

75th Annual Al Smith Dinner Hosted by Cardinal Dolan Features US President Trump and Former VP Biden - FULL TEXT + Video

On October 1, US President Trump, along with former US Vice-President Biden were speakers at the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner.  
 This year’s Seventy-Fifth Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner was broadcast live from the residence of Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 7pm. He and Mary Erdoes, Vice Chair of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation hosted. 
About the Dinner:
This  dinner is named after the former New York governor, Alfred Smith, who was the first Catholic to receive a major party nomination for president in 1928. Smith was the first Catholic to be nominated as a presidential candidate by a U.S. political party. The annual dinner raises money for the Alfred E. Smith Foundation, which helps the “neediest children of the Archdiocese of New York, regardless of race, creed, or color.”
The dinner features a prominent politician; last year Nikki Hayley was the speaker. The annually event is hosted by New York Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

FULL TEXT : Remarks by President Trump to Guests at the Al Smith Dinner
Issued on: October 1, 2020
The White House

THE PRESIDENT: It is a profound honor to address the 75th annual Al Smith Dinner. For generations, this wonderful event has been a revered institution in New York and New York life. I fondly remember attending with my father a long time ago. I was a young man, but never forgot it. This organization’s incredible tradition of Catholic charity exemplifies the very best not only of this city, but of this country.

I want to thank Cardinal Dolan — a very special man — for his extraordinary stewardship of the Archdiocese and for his deep dedication to God and to our nation. I also want to thank him for all of the help he’s given me, and so many things and so many different ways. Thank you very much, Cardinal. We very much appreciate it.

Let me also thank Mary Erdoes and the entire Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation.

As you know, tonight’s Al Smith Dinner is unlike any other, sadly. Our country, and the entire world, have been struck with a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic. China shouldn’t have let it happen, but it did. When the virus came in from China, we saw New Yorkers respond with the same grit and tenacity, courage, and selflessness that have always defined this city that we love so much.

Doctors and nurses worked around the clock. The heroes of the New York PD — NYPD — we love them and they endorsed me, so I like them even more. But they are great. New York’s Finest. And the FDNY, the bravest — they are the bravest, they’re great; I know them all very well — and other first responders risked their lives to save others.

And of course, the Catholic community and the men and women of the New York Archdiocese answered the call and, frankly, answered it like nobody else could. In Catholic schools, hospitals, shelters, soup kitchens, and food pantries, you served with the supreme devotion to your fellow citizens.

The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation made a historic $8 million dollar gift to support the children and the families of New York. Thank you.

You showed the world the essence of the Catholic faith. I’ve known about it for a long time. I lived right next to a magnificent Catholic church. As Jesus Christ said in the Gospel, “Everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

As President, I want to thank the Catholic community for the magnificent generosity you showed in America’s hour of need.

We mourn for all of those who lost a loved one, and in their memory, we will defeat the virus. Through advances in treatment, we have reduced the fatality rate by 85 percent since just April. We are on track to develop and distribute a vaccine before the end of the year, and maybe substantially before. And I just want to say that the end of the pandemic is in sight, and next year will be one of the greatest years in the history of our country.

From the very beginning of our republic, Catholics have uplifted and enriched our nation beyond measure. Catholics like Charles Carroll helped secure American independence. Women like Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton founded a movement that created thousands of schools and lifted children out of poverty. And the great Al Smith, the original “Happy Warrior,” — that’s what he was; he was a happy warrior. I know it well. I consider myself to be a happy warrior, but it’s not so easy in these times. But he was a happy warrior of American politics. He spent his life fighting for hardworking Americans and battling the anti-Catholic prejudice that you see even today coming out of the Democrat party.

Today, this amazing group continues that proud tradition of faithful service. Your work reminds us of an essential truth: In this country, civil society—and especially our religious institutions—are an essential foundation of American freedom. Our nation is strong because of Catholics and, frankly, people of all faiths.

That is why, as President, one of my top priorities is to defend religious liberty and the cherished role of faith and faith-based organizations in our national life.

To protect your God-given rights, I was recently honored to nominate one of our most brilliant legal minds, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to the United States Supreme Court, and that was an honor indeed. She is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School where her professor, one of the most respected anywhere in the country, said she was the single greatest student he’s ever had in his class. We will not stand for any attacks against Judge Barrett’s faith. Anti-Catholic bigotry has absolutely no place in the United States of America. It predominates in the Democrat party, and we must do something immediately about it, like a Republican win—and let’s make it a really big one.

To support the noble mission of Catholic schools, my administration is working to advance School Choice. It was my great honor to help the Catholic Church with its schools. They needed hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide, and I got it for them. Nobody else. I got it for them. I hope you remember that on November 3rd, but I got it for them. And it was an honor to do it. I did it at the request of Cardinal Dolan and others of your leaders. They really needed it. We took care of that situation. Very important.

We are once again standing with Catholic charities and healthcare providers such as the Little Sisters of the Poor. We’ve been with them all in the way in this long fight. We are fighting for Catholic adoption agencies and fighting hard. And we are defending the sacred right to life. Remember that when you vote,. That’s so important, and so important to the Supreme Court. Every child, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of God.

Few institutions in history have done more for New York, more for America, or more for people of the world than the Catholic Church. From the parishes of this city came the soldiers who fought to end slavery, the workers who raised up the towering skyline of Manhattan, the chaplains who landed on the beaches of Guadalcanal, the nuns who marched for civil rights, and the police officers and firefighters who we love so much, who ran into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Now more than ever, our nation needs a renewal of the values that this organization promotes and that the Catholic faithful live out each and every day in peace. We love the Catholic people. We love the Catholic religion. And above all, we respect it greatly.

As President, I will always support you in your effort to serve our fellow citizens and to lift up all humanity. I will protect the Catholic Church, and I will defend the rights of religious believers of every race, religion, color, and creed.

Thank you once again to the Al Smith Memorial Foundation. God bless You, God bless New York, and God bless America.

US Bishops Invite All to Pray the Rosary Virtually on the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary - FULL TEXT

U.S. Bishops’ Virtual Rosary on the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary
SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 
WASHINGTON – The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will host a virtual rosary event on October 7, the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary. Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, president of the USCCB has called for this moment of prayer with the intention of uniting Catholics across the country at this time when there is much unrest and uncertainty.

Archbishop Gomez has invited several bishops, representing the various geographical regions of the United States, to pray a part of the rosary and it will premiere on the USCCB’s YouTube channel and Facebook page on Wednesday, October 7 at 3:00 PM ET (12:00 PM PT).

The faithful are encouraged to join in this prayerful moment of unity for our country, to seek healing and to ask Our Lady, on her feast, to pray for us and help lead us to Jesus, and encouraged to share where they are praying from, to post a photo of their rosary, and to leave a prayer intention for our country. The USCCB will be using the hashtag #RosaryForAmerica on its social media.
Social media graphics in both English and Spanish may be found on the USCCB’s web page:

Glorious "Hymn of the Cherubim" by Tchaikovsky - Hauntingly Beautiful will Touch you Soul!

~Listen to this Beautiful Cherubic Hymn which is the primary cherubikon (Gr: χερουβικόν), or song of the angels, sung during every Divine Liturgy of the year. The Cherubic Hymn was added to the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom near the end of the sixth century. 
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Translation in English:
 "We, who mystically represent the Cherubim, And chant the thrice-holy hymn to the Life-giving Trinity, Let us set aside the cares of life That we may receive the King of all, Who comes invisibly escorted by the Divine Hosts." 
Lyrics in Greek:

Οἱ τὰ Χερουβεὶμ μυστικῶς εἰκονίζοντες,
καὶ τῇ ζωοποιῷ Τριάδι τὸν Τρισάγιον ὕμνον προσάδοντες,
πᾶσαν τὴν βιοτικὴν ἀποθώμεθα μέριμναν.
Ὡς τὸν Βασιλέα τῶν ὅλων ὑποδεξόμενοι,
ταῖς ἀγγελικαῖς ἀοράτως δορυφορούμενον τάξεσιν.

Ἀλληλούϊα, Ἀλληλούϊα, Ἀλληλούϊα.

Image Source : Google : 1854 Louis Janmot (French; 1814-92) 

US President Donald Trump and his Wife, 1st Lady Melania Trump, Test Positive for COVID-19

US President Donald Trump reported on his Official Twitter account that he and his wife, Melania have tested positive for the coronavirus, COVID-19. Please keep them in prayers.

He wrote:
Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!

Novena to Guardian Angels - Special Prayers with Litany, Chaplet that will help you in Life!

Guardian Angel Prayers

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here.
Ever this night/day be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide.
Litany to the Guardian Angels 
Angel, my counselor, inspire me.
Angel, my defender, protect me;
Angel, my faithful friend, intercede for me;
Angel, my consoler, fortify me;
Angel, my brother, defend me;
Angel, my teacher, instruct me;
Angel, witness of all my actions, purify me;
Angel, my helper, support me;
Angel, my intercessor, speak for me;
Angel, my guide, direct me;
Angel, my light, enlighten me;
Angel, whom God has assigned to lead me, govern me.

Lord, have mercy on us.
    Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
    Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us.
Holy Mary, pray for us.
Holy Mother of God, pray for us.
Queen of the Angels, pray for us.
St. Michael, pray for us.
St. Gabriel, pray for us.
St. Raphael, pray for us.
All holy Angels and Archangels, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who unceasingly behold the Face
of the heavenly Father, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who never part from us, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who are devoted to us in heavenly friendship,
pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, our faithful admonishers, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who preserve us from many evils of body and soul,
pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, our mighty defenders against the attacks
of the evil enemy, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, our support in the time of temptations, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who help us when we stumble and fall, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who comfort us in troubles and sufferings,
pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who uphold our prayers and carry them before the
Throne of God, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who through your inspirations and encouragement help us to progress in the good, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who despite our faults never leave us, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who rejoice over our improvement and advancement inperfection, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who watch over us and pray for us even when we rest, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who do not abandon us in our agony of death,
pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who console the souls in Purgatory, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, who lead the righteous into Heaven, pray for us.
Holy Guardian Angels, with whom one day we hope to eternally praise and
behold God, pray for us.
Noble Princes of Heaven, pray for us.

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, spare us O Lord!
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord!
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us, O Lord!

Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
    Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.

Our Father...

Bless the Lord, all His Angels, you mighty ones who do His Will.
He has sent His Angels before you, to guard you on all your ways.
My God, in the presence of the Angels, I will bless You.
    I want to adore You and praise Your holy Name.
Lord, hear my prayer. And let my cry come unto You.

Almighty, Eternal God, in Your ineffable goodness You have assigned a special Angel to all men, from the womb onwards, as a protection for body and soul. Graciously grant that I may follow my holy Angel so faithfully and love him so dearly, that through Your grace and under his protection I may one day reach the heavenly Father's House and may merit to behold Your Divine Countenance together with him and all the holy Angels.  Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.

A Mother's Prayer to the Guardian Angels of her children
I humbly salute you, O you faithful, heavenly Friends of my children! I give you heartfelt thanks for all the love and goodness you show them. At some future day I shall, with thanks more worthy than I can now give, repay your care for them, and before the whole heavenly court acknowledge their indebtedness to your guidance and protection. Continue to watch over them. Provide for all their needs of body and soul. Pray, likewise, for me, for my husband, and my whole family, that we may all one day rejoice in your blessed company. Amen

Prayer to One's Guardian Angel
When Unable to Assist at Mass for Spiritual Communion
Go, my Angel Guardian dear, To Church for me, the Mass to hear. Go, kneel devoutly at my place and treasure for me every grace. At the Offertory time Please offer me to God Divine. All I have and all I am, present it with the Precious Lamb. Adore for me the great Oblation. Pray for all I hold most dear, be they far or be they near. Remember too, my own dear dead for whom Christ's Precious Blood was shed. And at Communion bring to me Christ's Flesh and Blood, my Food to be. To give me strength and holy grace , a pledge to see Him face to Face. And when the Holy Mass is done, then with His blessing, come back home. Amen.

Chaplet to the Guardian Angel
Heavenly Father, the moment You created my soul, You gave me to the care of an angel to enlighten, guard, rule, and govern me. I thank You for Your infinite goodness to me. I thank you also, my guardian angel, for accompanying me every day on my journey back to heaven. It is a great comfort for me to know that you give me holy inspirations, that you defend me from dangers to soul and body, and that you pray to the Father for me.
O angel of God, to whose guardianship I have been committed by the divine mercy,
enlighten and guard, rule, and govern me. Amen.
My guardian angel, you always contemplate the Lord and you want me to be your fellow citizen in heaven. I beg you to obtain for me pardon from the Lord for being very often deaf to your counsels, and for sinning, unmindful of your presence.
O angel of God, to whose guardianship I have been committed by the divine mercy,
enlighten and guard, rule, and govern me. Amen.
My guardian angel, faithful and strong in virtue, you are among the angels in heaven who, led by St. Michael, conquered Satan and his followers. That fight of old continues on earth today: the powers of evil are against Jesus Christ to ensnare souls. Pray to the Immaculate Queen of Apostles for the Church, the city of God that fights against the city of Satan. O Archangel St. Michael, with all your followers, defend us in the war; be our strength against the malice and snare of the demon. O that the Lord would subdue him! And you, the prince of the heavenly court, drive away into hell Satan and the other evil spirits who seek to ruin our salvation.
O angel of God, to whose guardianship I have been committed by the divine mercy,
enlighten and guard, rule, and govern me. Amen.
O angels of paradise, take care of writers, technicians, and distributors of all media and all who use them. Guard them from spreading evil, guide them in truth and obtain for them true charity. Ask the Lord for necessary vocations to combat evil and accompany them in their delicate mission. Inspire all people to contribute with deeds, prayers, and offerings for the conversion of hearts and the salvation of souls. Pray that we serve to raise the standard of human life and direct the human race towards eternal good.
O angel of God, to whose guardianship I have been committed by the divine mercy,
enlighten and guard, rule, and govern me. Amen.
All you angels of the Lord, you have been called to form a noble court, to praise and bless continuously the Holy Trinity, to make up for our forgetfulness. You are true lovers of God and of souls, and you continue to sing, "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to people of good will."
We pray that all may know the true and only God, the Son sent by Him, and the Church, the pillar of truth. Pray that the Name of God may be held holy, that the kingdom of Jesus Christ may come, and His will may be done on earth as it is heaven. Protect and guide the civil authorities, the workers, and the suffering; obtain blessings and salvation for all those who search for truth, justice, and peace.
O angel of God, to whose guardianship I have been committed by the divine mercy,
enlighten and guard, rule, and govern me. Amen.
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[Say the novena for nine consecutive days.] 

O holy angels, whom God, 
by the effect of His goodness and His tender regard for my welfare, 
has charged with the care of my conduct, 
and who assists me in all my wants 
and comforts me in all my afflictions, 
who supports me when I am discouraged 
and continually obtains for me new favors, 
I return thee profound thanks, 
and I earnestly beseech thee, 
O most amiable protector, 
to continue thy charitable care and defense of me 
against the malignant attacks of all my enemies. 
Keep me away from all occasions of sin. 
Obtain for me the grace of listening attentively 
to thy holy inspirations 
and of faithfully putting them into practice. 
In particular, I implore thee to obtain for me 
the favor which I ask for by this novena. 

[Here mention your need(s).] 

Protect me in all the temptations and trials of this life, 
but more especially at the hour of my death, 
and do not leave me until thou hast conducted me 
into the presence of my Creator 
in the mansions of everlasting happiness.