United Nations Includes the Geneva Consensus Declaration Signed by 34 Countries to Protect the Unborn

UN includes the Geneva Declaration for the Protection of Life.
The document states is no international right to abortion - with a commitment to protecting life, improving women's health and strengthening the traditional family that are among the goals of the Geneva Consensus Declaration. The Full Text can be viewed on the US Government website here: https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/geneva-consensus-declaration-english.pdf

The UN General Assembly has included the “ Geneva Consensus Declaration ” signed by 34 countries in October 2020 in its minutes - to see the Full Document on the UN Website click here:
The Institute for Marriage and Family (IEF), of Vienna, noted that the US circulated the declaration as an official document of the United Nations in mid-December and presented it to the General Assembly. The undersigned states emphasize that there is no right to abortion and that the classic family is the basis of society. The goals formulated in the declaration include improving health care for women and protecting national sovereignty. There could be no international obligation to finance abortion, the statement said. The declaration is not binding, but documents the attitude of the signatory states, in which a total of 1.6 billion people live.
While, it can be assumed that UN organizations will continue to promote abortions, many member states that have signed the declaration could hold the UN accountable in the event of abuse of abortion. The “Geneva Consensus Declaration on Promoting Women's Health and Strengthening Families” was jointly initiated by Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, Uganda, the USA and Hungary.