Patriarchate of Iraq Releases Official Prayer for Pope Francis' Trip to Iraq from March 5-8 - Inviting Everyone to Pray Daily for the Visit - FULL TEXT

The Chaldean Patriarchate, which oversees Iraq, has just released through its official website a prayer to place Pope Francis' next trip to Iraq (5-8 March) in the hands of the Lord, It asks the the Holy Spirit of Christ come to support and enlighten his gestures and words during the trip, also touching the hearts of all those who will meet and listen to him during the apostolic visit. It is asked that everyone to recite it every day of the week before the start of the trip. "
 Prayer for the week before the Pope's visit (5-8 March 2021) 
 Lord, we entrust to you, Pope Francis' trip to Iraq from 5 March. May your Holy Spirit be in his gestures and words, and in the hearts of those who meet and listen to him, so that encouragement, consolation, the meeting between different ethnic groups, cultures and religions and the commitment to fulfill courageous steps of reconciliation and collaboration for the common good. May the church in Iraq be given comfort, light and strength not to tire of weaving new bonds of brotherhood and peace. Lord, free Iraq and the countries of the Middle East from hatred and violence. Amen.