Historic US Catholic Dominican Church in Connecticut, which Holds Relics of Knights of Columbus Founder, is Vandalized - FULL TEXT

Built in 1832, St. Mary's Parish in New Haven Connecticut is know as the birth place of the Knights of Columbus organization. It has been under the administration of the Dominican order since 1886, and is the primary Catholic presence in downtown New Haven. St. Mary Church is recognized as a shrine and birthplace of the Knights of Columbus. On the last weekend of February the beautiful Church was vandalized. 

Here is the FULL TEXT release from St. Mary's about the vandalism.

Dear parishioners and friends, I have some sad news to share. Over the weekend, some person (or persons) attempted to smash in the four stained glass windows that sit in the four main center doors into St. Mary Church. Each one suffered what appears to be a single blunt force blow to the center of the window that has caused each to suffer significant indentation as well as pieces of glass being cracked and knocked to the ground. 

This act of vandalism is heartbreaking. Clearly whoever did this is very unwell, either psychologically or spiritually (or both). Please pray for the healing of whatever illness has its grip upon him, for their repentance and conversion of heart, that their life might be marked by growth in holiness and virtue, and ultimately for their eternal salvation. 

Rather than give the perpetrators (in the unlikely event they monitor this page) the satisfaction of seeing the results of their damage, I will share an old photo I have of one of these windows in its pristine, undamaged state. The windows will be repaired, and hopefully sometime soon St. Catherine of Siena, St. Catherine de Ricci, St. Rose of Lima, and St. Agnes of Montepulciano will once again grace our vestibule doors.

God bless, Fr. John Paul

Source: https://www.facebook.com/stmarysCT - Image Screenshot