US President Joseph Biden Mentions Our Lady of Guadalupe and Shows Rosary to President of Mexico during Meeting - VIDEO

During on Online Meeting between US President Joseph Biden and  President López Obrador of Mexico there was a friendly opening. During the meeting President Biden explains he made 16 visits to Latin America and the Caribbean as Vice President. He also, showed the President of Mexico the rosary he carries with him. 
Here is the excerpt from the White House from President Biden's remarks:

 During my visits, I got to know Mexico a little bit and its people, and paid my respects to the Virgin of Guadalupe. As a matter of fact, I still have my rosary beads that my son was wearing when he passed. And I walked the beautiful and historic cobblestones of Mexico City and spoke with Mexicans of all walks of life. And I treasure those memories, and I hope to be able to build on them in the next four years. Source: 
(his remarks on the rosary start at 1:45 mark)