#BreakingNews Historic 16th Century Church with Artwork Destroyed by Fire in France with 1 Million Euros of Damage

A beautiful 16th century church was destroyed by fire in Romilly-la-Puthenaye, Eure, France.
The Saint-Aubin church in Romilly-la-Puthenaye was completely destroyed by fire this Saturday, April 17, 2021, in the early morning hours. The mayor of Romilly-la-Puthenaye, Jean-Bernard Juin, "thought of Notre-Dame-de-Paris" "There were flames up to the top of the rooster and all of a sudden, everything collapsed. There are only the four walls. All the furniture is burnt including an altarpiece invaluable. It is a disaster. " 
Paintings and a statue of the Virgin were destroyed. The firefighters only managed to save a terracotta statuette dating from the 15th century and a few canvases that were in the sacristy. According to initial estimates, there is 1 million Euros in damage and work. The minister from Eure Sébastien Lecornu promises that the government will do "everything so that reconstruction is possible" .
According to the first observations of the firefighters, the fire would have started from the front facade of the Saint-Pierre church before spreading to the sacristy. Around forty firefighters were still on site to secure the building.