Pope Francis Meets Spider Man at the Vatican - The Story about the Real Life Super Hero Mattia Villardita

At the Pope's General Audience, on June 23, 2021, many people were surprised to see Spider-Man. Mattia Villardita, is a 28-year-old Italian who dresses up as the comic book hero to visit sick children in hospitals around the country. The famous Spider-Man met the Pope, and gave him his mask as a gift.  Mattia had to spend time in hospitals as a child due to a congenital defect. So he launched a project called, “Superheroes in the Ward,” two years ago. He and his friends visit thousands of children in hospitals throughout Italy. Due to the pandemic didn't travel but made 1,400 video calls to sick children.
In 2020, Villardita was inducted as a Cavalier of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, an honor bestowed on him by the Italian president for being an “everyday hero.” Mattia has a job but does his Superhero work as a volunteer during his free time. Here are some pictures from his Facebook page: