Thousands Attend Pro-Life Croatian March for Life in Capital of Croatia, Zagreb with Many Youth Participants

Right to Life UK reports that on the 29th of May, 2021, thousands of pro-lifers rallied in the Croatian capital of Zagreb ahead of local and mayoral elections.

Luka Hudincec, one of the rally’s organisers, told reporters: “It’s our duty to advocate for protection of every human life, including unborn children”. He also emphasized that the march sought to demonstrate on behalf of the elderly against possible euthanasia.

Another organiser, Stjepan said: “We expect the politicians who represent us on both local and national level to uphold the basic human right – the right to live”. 

Organisers also urged officials to provide more support to pregnant women.


 Many young people were among the thousands of peaceful demonstrators, and banners reading “Unborn lives matter too” were displayed.

One demonstrator told Croatia’s national broadcaster HRT that human lives needed more protection. He said: “Some animal species are protected, but the human life is not”.

A female member of the rally told HRT that she was attending to show “how much joy it brings to us to contribute in creating life”.

The march took place in the western parts of downtown Zagreb to Zrinjevac park.

Several counter-marchers also rallied outside the Croatian National Theatre, demanding a liberalisation of abortion laws.

Another Hod Za Život (walk for life) also took place in the southern town of Imotski on the same day – the first time a rally of this kind was held in the town.

Catherine Robinson, spokesperson for Right To Life UK said: “It is wonderful to see that so many people, including young people, took so peacefully and enthusiastically to the streets of Croatia to stand up for the rights for the unborn and the elderly”.

About 90 percent of Croatia’s 4.2 million people are Catholics and the Church holds a key role in society.

Edited from Right To Life UK