New Vaccine Requirements for Visitors to Vatican Allows Exceptions for Liturgical Worship and Possible Negative Test

The Vatican State official website issued an order by Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, president of the governorate. In it visitors are now required to be vaccinated however, there are many exceptions and exemptions — this includes no vaccine requirement for liturgical worship, and possible immunity or negative test alternative.
Ordinance of the President of the Pontifical State Commission
of the Vatican City in matters of public health emergency.
(18 SEPTEMBER 2021)
§1. As of 1 October 2021, entry into the City State of
Vatican and in the areas referred to in arts. 15 and 16 of the Lateran Treaty, exclusively,
to subjects with the State Covid Digital Certificate ("Vatican Green Pass"),
of the Covid Digital Certificate pursuant to art. 4, §1 of Decree no. CDXXXII of 15
July 2021 ("European Green Pass") or foreign Covid19 green certification
proving the status of successful vaccination against SARS-Cov-2 or recovery
from SARS-Cov-2, or the carrying out of a rapid molecular or antigen test with
negative for SARS-Cov-2 virus.
§2. The control, in the phase of access to the State and to the areas referred to in Articles 15 and 16 of
Lateran Treaty, is delegated to the Gendarmerie Corps.
§3. These provisions apply to citizens, to residents of the State, to the
personnel in service, in any capacity, in the Governorate of the City State of
Vatican and in the various Bodies of the Roman Curia and of the institutions connected to it,
to all visitors and service users.
§4. An exception is made for those who participate in the liturgical celebrations for the
time strictly necessary to carry out the rite, without prejudice to the laws in force
health requirements on spacing, on the use of protective devices
individual, on the limitation of circulation and the gathering of people e
on the adoption of specific hygiene rules.
Article 2
§1. Without prejudice to what is established on the matter by Law no. LIV on the protection of
safety and health of workers in the workplace of 10 December 2007 and from
Implementation technical regulation of 1 October 2008 and any subsequent ones
changes, the competent Administration is required to observe the directives referred to
in art. 1 of this ordinance, also adopted for the protection of health and safety
of the worker or of those entrusted to it or dependent on it by reason of the
duties performed.
§2. The Service for the Health and Safety of Workers in the workplace of
Directorate of Health and Hygiene, pursuant to art. 7, paragraph 6 of Law N. LI on
protection of the safety and health of workers in the workplace on 10 December
2007, carries out the verification of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
Article 3
The provisions of this Ordinance come into effect from 1 October
2021, until new forecasts.
The original of this ordinance, bearing the state seal, will be deposited
in the Archives of the laws of the Vatican City State and the corresponding text
it will be published, as well as in the Supplement of the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, by means of
posting in the courtyard of San Damaso, in the state post offices and on the website
of the State by sending it to anyone who is responsible for observing it and making it observed.
Vatican City, eighteenth September two thousand and one