Pope Francis Arrives Safely in Bratislava, Slovakia for his 34th Apostolic Visit and Receives a Warm Welcome - FULL Video

Pope Francis arrived safely in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia on Sunday, September 12, 2021 afternoon. He travelled from Hungary where he had an eventful day including Holy Mass at the Eucharistic Congress. This is his 34th apostolic visit abroad. Pope Francis’ 4-day visit to Slovakia includes the celebration of the Byzantine Divine Liturgy in Prešov and a visit to the National Shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows at Šaštín. 

The Pope is also scheduled to meet the homeless and young people. He will also have encounters with Slovakian priests and religious.  

 Pope Francis is the second Pope to visit Slovakia after Pope St. John Paul II’s pilgrimage to the nation in September 2003. 

Pope Francis was greeted upon his arrival at Bratislava’s International Airport by a delegation of political and religious authorities and by two children wearing traditional costumes and bearing a gift of bread, salt, and flowers, a symbol of welcome.

Large billboards with large images of Pope Francis, decorated the road from the airport welcoming him to the country.

The people of this nation suffered under totalitarian regimes, there were ordeals endured during the Communist and Nazi eras in Slovakia. 

A census from the country a few  years ago showed that up to 70% of people surveyed identified as Christian. 

The Pope comes to Slovakia as a pilgrim, and the church hopes he will trengthen the faith. (with Information from VaticanNew)