#BreakingNews Beloved Catholic Priest Murdered - RIP Father José Enrique Vasquez who was Violently Shot to Death after Visiting his Parents

Catholic Priest shot dead

Friday, 4 March 2022The Bishops: "May the elected authorities working for the common good project Honduras towards a prosperous future and integral well-being for all"

"Father Enrique Vasquez was murdered, a body was found in the north of San Pedro. Once again the blood of the martyrs bathes our land": these are the moving words of Monsignor Ángel Garachana Pérez, Bishop of San Pedro Sula, in Honduras, who in a video message announced the discovery of the priest’s body. See in Spanish: https://fb.watch/bzj0v9PG2g/

"My soul hurts" are the words of Monsignor Angel Garachana, Bishop of San Pedro Sula after the death of Father Jose Enrique Vásquez.

The priest's body was found on Wednesday, March 2, in his truck, in Santa Cruz de Yojoa, where he had gone to visit his parents. Because he had no identification with him, he sent to the institute of forensic medicine. However, the following day, the diocese reported his disappearance. The Bishop identified him and released that Fr. Enrique had been shot in different parts of his body.

"The pain touches me very closely, because he is a priest from the diocese of San Pedro Sula, whom I ordained and accompanied", said the Bishop in the video message, expressing his condolences, affection and prayers to his family and his community. "I call on our authorities so that the safety of citizens becomes one of the priorities of the current government", reiterated Msgr. Ángel Garachana Pérez, who also launched an appeal to families, schools, the Church itself, to educate young people in a culture for the respect for life and peace, "so that the dream of a better Honduras becomes reality".

Fr. José Enrique Vasquez, affectionately known as “Quique”, was born in 1974. He was originally from Agua Azul Sierra de Santa Cruz de Yojoa. He was ordained a priest 16 years ago and was parish priest of San José, in the Medina district of San Pedro Sula. He is remembered by his confreres and by his faithful for his kindness and for his friendship. In his diocese he also held the office of Diocesan Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS), which join in the prayer of suffrage for his soul, invoking the consolation of God and peace for family members and for the Honduran Church.  (Edited from Agenzia Fides, 4/3/2022 and Facebook)


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