Archbishop in Ukraine says "We pray that the mighty of this world and those who take up arms to kill our people today have at least some sense of the sanctity of these Easter days."

 Glory to Jesus Christ!
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!
Today is Sunday, April 17, 2022, and the Ukrainian people are already experiencing the 53rd day of the nationwide struggle, opposition to Russian armed aggression against our state.
That night our towns and villages were on fire again. Our Kharkiv was shaking. Donbas and southern Ukraine are firmly on the defensive.
We especially pray for our heroic Mariupol, which is attacked from the sea, from the earth and from the sky. The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations issued a separate call and appeal for a ceasefire during the Easter holidays and the need to urgently create a humanitarian corridor to save Ukrainian Mariupol.
We pray that the mighty of this world and those who take up arms to kill our people today have at least some sense of the sanctity of these Easter days.
 Today Ukraine is experiencing April, or Palm Sunday. This is a special holiday that foretells the Passover of the Lord and in which we see our Savior triumphantly entering his city of Jerusalem, where God wants to be with his people.
This Sunday we pay special attention to our youth. After all, today's holiday is the Day of Youth in our Church. Because it is young people who feel the living, real relationship of man with God and puts him above various mental schemes, ideologies and other stereotypes of communication between people. Opportunity to have a living, personal communion with God, to whom young people now say: “Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! ” - shows its special role as a driver of human history. Because the exclamation "Hosanna!" means "Save us!" Our present and future are in Your hands! ”
It was on the shoulders of Ukrainian youth that the entire burden of the war fell. We live in tragic times. However, they give rise to the newest heroes of our time. Ukrainian youth, our girls and boys, give examples of heroic love for the Motherland, for their relatives and friends. And it is this love that makes them invincible.
Today, Ukrainian youth amazes the world, because the power of a living relationship with God and neighbor, the power of Christian values ​​shines on the faces of Ukrainian boys and Ukrainian girls to the whole world. It is the Ukrainian youth that shows that Ukraine is and will be because it [the youth] builds, wants and loves it.
I sincerely congratulate all our young people, girls and boys on this holiday. I assure you that your Mother Church loves you, prays for you, supports you, is proud of you. Show the meaning of real life today to people around the world who may not know the true values ​​for which they should give their lives.
I want to pay special attention to our youth in the occupied territories, to the youth who today are forced to leave their homeland and scattered around the world and continents. Let us gather today around Christ, around His presence among us, and experience this life-giving breath of the Savior with whom He comes to us.
Today, Christians of the Latin Rite, the Armenian Church, as well as children of our Church in different countries of the world, in settlements, celebrate Easter. Congratulations to all of you, brothers and sisters, on this greatest Christian holiday.
To be a Christian today means to believe in the Risen One, in the Resurrection - to believe that life and the Resurrection is Someone, our Savior, who emerges victorious from the grave and gives us victory over sin, evil and death and gives us life.
The Church of Christ informs us today: "Christ rose from the dead, overcame death with death and gave life to those in the grave!" I congratulate you on this holiday with our traditional Easter greeting "Christ is risen!".
The blessing of the Lord be upon you, with His grace and love of man, always, now, and forever and ever. Amen.
Source: UGCC Channel