Wow Little Girl - Ellie Garcia who Died in Uvalde Leaves TikTok Message Telling Everyone about Jesus

Ellie Garcia, one of the 21 who were killed at the Elementary school shooting, in Uvalde, Texas, leaves TikTok message telling everyone about Jesus. Ellie, age 9, says, Jesus died for us and when we die we will be up there with Him.
When posting the video the parents wrote that Ellie loved church so much.
The video above was posted by her father Steven Garcia on Facebook.
  "Hey guys. Just wanted to bring you up to date," the nine-year-old starts. "Jesus, He died for us. So when we die, we'll be up there with Him. I have three pictures of Him in my room."   Ellie's mother, Jennifer Lugo, also thanked the public for their prayers. 
Her father also shared a photo where he catches Ellie praying out loud. “She prayed out loud every night so we can pray with her. I remember that day...she gave us a hug and a kiss and she went to pray”. "
Ellie made her First Holy Communion in 2021.