Wow 85 Year Old Catholic Priest Officiates Wedding of his Own Grandson!


Father Paulo Müller, is 85 years old. He served in the Army, was married and had four children. Later, he was widowed, 33 years ago, and for that reason he was authorized by the Vatican to resume the studies necessary for his ordination. 

Recently, the priest was responsible for celebrating the Catholic wedding of one of his grandchildren. The celebration took place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on the 14th of May.

It was a childhood wish, to celebrate Mass. He tried when I was nine, 14 and 19, to become a priest but at the time he wasn't supported. 

His wife, Lizzete, appeared in Müller's life in a bakery in Novo Hamburgo, in Vale do Sinos, his hometown. Young, released from military service, saw her and says he was sure of the future union right away. 

Their wedding took place on May 16, 1959, “in the afternoon, blessed by the rain”, he explained. It was held at the São Luiz Gonzaga Cathedral, in the center of the city, as a coincidence , the same basilica in which the elderly man is currently, as parish vicar, or assistant in masses and confessions. 

His wife died of a heart attack after 29 years with her husband. Three days after the burial, he sought out the diocese and proposed to dedicate himself to the church. 

Pope John Paul II authorized him to enter the seminary after the abrupt end of the marriage.   

His ordination took place on June 2, 1995. 

One of the main functions of the vicar in the church is confession, for which he says he feels benefited by the experience of everything that has already passed in his life. 

Of his four children, five grandchildren were born. One of them got married on May 14, at Santa Terezinha Church, Bom Fim neighborhood , in Porto Alegre. Chemical engineer Ânderson Martins Müller, 31, married with doctor Rafaela Pilla Muccillo Müller, 30, blessed by his grandfather. 

The groom says that the marriage was planned in 2019 and, due to the pandemic, it suffered postponements. The grandfather was the first to receive the invitation with the new date, and an extra request. 

The images are by photographer Fernando Lacerda.