Deadly Floods in Kentucky, USA, Leave 37 Dead - Including Children and Hundreds Missing - Dioceses Release Appeals

Flash floods in eastern Kentucky, USA, have resulted in 37 deaths. This includes six children - including four siblings, aged one to eight, who were swept from their parents' arms. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said the death toll would continue to rise as "hundreds" are still unaccounted for.
Two Catholic Dioceses in the area released the following appeals:

August 1, 2022

As you know, the situation in Eastern Kentucky is dire. Torrential rainfall has caused devastating flooding. People have lost lives and families have become homeless. Our sisters and brothers in the eastern part of our state are going through a desperately difficult time.


You’ll recall that the dioceses of Kentucky responded with great charity when we were hit by the devastating tornadoes in December 2021. More than $1. 5 million was donated by Kentucky Catholics to aid our tornado relief efforts. Now it’s our turn to repay their kindness.

I’m asking all parishes in the Diocese of Owensboro to take up a second collection at weekend Masses on August 6-7 and/or August 13-14.

Please encourage the faithful to be as generous as possible in responding to the suffering of their neighbors.

As always, please invite people to make their check payable to the parish. Then the parish will submit one check to the Diocese of Owensboro. We will see that these funds are given to the Diocese of Lexington as soon as possible to assist in their relief efforts.

Please invite all those you serve to join me in praying for those who have lost their lives in this tragedy as well as those who are injured and lost their homes, cars, employment, access to food and water and to those who remain without electricity or are stranded.

In the months following the tornadoes of December 2021, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, support and generosity. It is a blessing that we now have the opportunity to respond in the same way to our brothers and sisters on the other side of the state.

Praying for God’s continued blessings for you and for those you serve.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bishop William F. Medley

Diocese of Lexington

The flooding continues to disrupt the lives of people throughout eastern Kentucky. Through the work of Catholic Social Services and local parishes, and in cooperation with other churches and relief organizations throughout the region, the Catholic Diocese of Lexington is supporting those affected by this disaster.

At this time, none of our churches or other facilities has sustained severe damage. But the areas surrounding several of them have been devastated, leaving families without water, food, or other basic necessities, or even homeless.

“We are committed to helping our communities in this time of crisis,” Lexington Bishop John Stowe OFM Conv. said in a statement. “Our diocesan Catholic Charities is cooperating with Catholic Charities USA to coordinate relief efforts, and our parishes are doing all they can to support their neighbors. We thank the several Catholic dioceses across the country that have volunteered their support, as well as those who have made individual contributions. Please keep all of those affected in your prayers.”

Many of the counties affected this year were flooded in the summer of 2021, but it has been reported that this year’s flooding is up to 10 times worse. Several areas are expected to be without water for weeks, and even power for several days.

In addition to praying for the people of southeastern Kentucky, if you would like to help financially, you can click on the link to