#BreakingNews Man Tries to Enter Cathedral in Oklahoma with a Sword, Attacks Employee and Throws Lighted Molotov Cocktail at the Cathedral

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, (correction to story) USA police are investigating an attack at a Catholic Cathedral. A man with sword attacked an employee of the Holy Family School and lit an object on fire throwing it at the cathedral. According to police, the stabbing occurred around 4 p.m. on October 5th. 

(See the 2:57 Mark on the Video Below)   

 The school employee had severe, but non life threatening blade injuries to their hands.  The employee tried to confront the man when he was injured. The suspect was also carrying a Molotov cocktail which he threw against the cathedral causing damage as he fled. At the time, students were on the front steps of the Cathedral taking school pictures. The rector of the Cathedral, Very Rev. Gary Kastl, wrote: "We express our gratitude and appreciation for the faculty and staff who reacted quickly and immediately moved the students inside the school. The whole school was immediately placed on lockdown and remained so until cleared by local law enforcement."