Pope Francis Meets with Winners of 1st Ever "European Short Cup" who Come from Argentina

Pope Francis met at the Vatican the fresh winners of the first "European Short Cup", held in Spain: your courage makes you capitalize on even what seems negative.

The  Argentine champions of "Talla baja" on the football field a couple of days ago won 11-3 over Spain in the final of the first European Short Cup, a success with a similar victory in the America's Cup in the category in May. And after the sporting laurel, for the "short" champions there was another great joy, that of the embrace with the Pope, who received them in the Vatican and celebrated not only the feat but even more the "courage" put into life even before the pitch.

True maturity

“Take care of this courage, never throw it away: the courage - Francis said - to go forward in life as one is. With their own intellectual, emotional, physical values, everything ". In life, he continued, there are pessimists who "face whatever happens to them by looking down" and "get depressed" by imagining "bitter horizons". And then "there are those optimists, like you, who face every difficulty looking up" with the aim of "capitalizing on everything, capitalizing even on what seems negative". And this, the Pope concluded, greeting the Argentine champions one by one, "is human maturity".

Source: Vatican News (Italian Edition)