Pope Francis Accepts Resignation of German Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Dr Johannes Bündgens who was Found Guilty of Embezzlement

 Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Johannes Bündgens. The Holy See announced this on November 8th in the afternoon via the Apostolic Nunciature.
The 66-year-old submitted his resignation request in October after a penalty order against him became final. "It's good for all sides that the Pope made a speedy decision," says Bishop Helmut Dieser. "Personally, I very much regret that the past few years have led to this development." Johannes Bündgens was consecrated auxiliary bishop in 2006. The appointment of a bishop is made by the pope, who also decides on a request for resignation.
Previous Press Release: Penal order against Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Johannes Bündgens legally binding
 Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Johannes Bündgens has been in the public eye since December 2019 for embezzling funds. Since then he has let all his offices rest and does not celebrate any public services in the diocese of Aachen. On July 13, 2021, the district court in Kerpen sentenced him to nine months of imprisonment on probation and a fine of 5,000 euros for embezzling 128,000 euros.
He had lodged an appeal against the penalty order, but has now withdrawn it. The penal order is thus final. With immediate effect, Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Bündgens resigned from his position as 1st Chairman of the Aachen Diocesan Caritas Association.
Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Bündgens presents the situation that has now arisen to the Holy Father and asks him for clarification. In order to rule out further burdens for the diocese of Aachen as a result of the resulting loss of trust, Bishop Dr. Helmut Ders clear that Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Johannes Bündgens will not perform any episcopal duties in the diocese of Aachen until further notice. bishop dr Helmut Ders: "I call on the auxiliary bishop to now offer the Holy Father his resignation." Source: https://www.bistum-aachen.de/aktuell/nachrichten/nachricht/Papst-Franziskus-nimmt-Ruecktrittsgesuch-von-Weihbischof-Buendgens-an/?