VIDEO - On Flight to Bahrain Pope Francis Reveals that his Knee Causes Him "much pain" during Historic 1st Trip of a Pontiff to the Country

During Pope Francis' flight to Bahrain on November 3, 2022 he spoke to journalist. On the papal plane, the pope explained that for the first time, he would not walk around the plane to say hello to the journalists individually due to his knee pain that has continued for months. 
Pope Francis said: "Good morning and thanks so much, for your company, for your work. An interesting trip, it will make us think, and give good news. Many thanks for your work. I would like to greet you, one by one, but the problem is that today I am in much pain, and I do not feel I can make the rounds, but it would be a pleasure for me if you all made the rounds and I'll greet you here. Thank you."
  The journalists then lined up to speak with the Pope while in the air, including many from Bahrain.  
 We are very proud, this is a message from all Bahrainis, we are very proud to have you in Bahrain, and we are looking forward to this dialogue of the forum. As the Pope's plane flew over Bahrain it was accompanied by fighter jets for the tail end of the five-hour flight, which has made Francis the first pope to travel to the the island nation. Edited from