US Bishops’ Chairman on “Respect for Marriage Act” says “The Catholic Church will always uphold the unique meaning of marriage as a lifelong, exclusive union of one man and one woman."

Archdiocese of Washington DC Cancels Youth Rally and Mass for Life for 2023 March for Life - FULL TEXT Statement

Archbishop of Detroit Saddened by Voting Outcome "...most importantly, we grieve for the lives that will be lost because of this unjust and perverse law..." FULL TEXT

Bishops of California Statement “The passage of Prop. 1 is devastating for women, children, and families in California." FULL TEXT

#BreakingNews the US Catholic Bishops Release Statement on President Biden's Desire to Codify National Right to Abortion "The President is gravely wrong to continue to seek every possible avenue to facilitate abortion..." FULL TEXT

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia Defends Nomination of Mariana Mazzucato Saying She has Never Taken a Position against Life

Michigan's Catholic Bishops "...emphatically urge a NO vote on Proposal 3 and strongly urge you to tell every person you know that this amendment goes too far..."

#BreakingNews Extremists Cause Massive Disruption at Pro-Life Annual March for Life in Vienna, Austria with 2500 Participants - VIDEO

Wow 10000 People at the Pro-Life March for Life in Poland with the Greeting of the President - VIDEO

#BreakingNews 4000 People at the Pro-Life March for Life in Berlin, Germany with Many Youth and Support of Churches

US Bishops’ Pro-Life Chairman on Executive Order "I continue to call on the President and all our elected officials to increase support and care to mothers and babies, rather than facilitate the destruction of defenseless, voiceless human beings."

Biden Administration Cancels Bioethics Advisory Board - Taxpayer Funding will Now be Used for Research with Unborn Baby Body Parts

US Bishops to President Biden “We strongly urge the President to reject abortion and promote life-affirming aid to women...." FULL TEXT - @JoeBiden

US Bishops' President's Statement on Inauguration of Joe Biden Warns "Abortion is a direct attack on life" Official FULL TEXT

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