Thursday, October 27, 2011


UCAN REPORT: Singer A-mei to donate concert proceeds to place of her birth to help indigenous people
Francis Kuo, Taipei
October 27, 2011
Catholic Church News Image of Singing star supports Catholic hospital
The singer (left) with hospital staff

A top Chinese singer is to donate ticket-sales proceeds from one of her world tour performances to the Church-run hospital where she was born.

Popularly known as A-mei, Chang Hui-mei announced on Tuesday that she will donate cash generated from her “Love and Share” concert in Taipei on April 4, 2012 to St. Mary’s Hospital in Taitung County, as she wants “to do something meaningful.”

Ticket sales are expected to generate NT$10 million (US$331,000).

“I hope my gesture will see others follow suit so that more can be done for the underprivileged,” said Chang, an indigenous Puyuma and one of the few Chinese artists who publicly declares their Catholic faith.

She said she chose to donate to St. Mary’s Hospital because people in Taitung have on average an 8.5-year shorter life span than people in Taipei due to inferior medical resources in the rural and remote eastern county, where there is a higher density of the indigenous population.

Describing the Church-run hospital as the “babysitter of people in Taitung,” Chang said it has served many local people, including those who cannot afford to pay.

She hopes the money can help the hospital expand its services, especially in the hospice and for care of the elderly.

Bishop Philip Huang Jaw-ming of Hualien, which covers Taitung, said he hopes Chang’s gesture can change people’s perceptions of Taitung, which is mocked as a place with “very good mountains and rivers but very short life.”

To express the Church’s appreciation, Bishop Huang presented Chang with a Rosary from Pope Benedict XVI.

Chen Shi-hsien, executive officer of the hospital, said Chang often shows concern for her hometown, adding that she came to visit flood victims in 2009 and that “her angelic care has moved many victims to tears.”

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